Need help deciding Post-Bacc or Masters

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Which program should I chose

  • undergraduate Post-Bacc program with guaranteed interview

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  • science-based masters program

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  • other

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Apr 2, 2017
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Sep 11, 2013
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Hey SDN,

I have a big decision to make this next week and I'm looking for any feedback possible. Here's my situation.

I started off slow in UG and graduated with a cGPA of 3.3 and BCPM of 3.0. I took the MCAT last year and got a 502. I have an upward trend of around 3.8 in my last 100 units. I also have a graduate GPA of 4.0 for 10 units. I am planning on retaking the MCAT in June and expecting a 505-510 on my second attempt. I'll be applying through AMCAS in July.

During this cycle (2017-2018), I have the option of doing a science based masters program or doing a post-bacc thats geared towards undergraduate GPA and BCPM (50 units). The post-bacc program offers a guaranteed interview and has a history of their med school accepting students from their program (70% last year).

It's been a very difficult path trying to repair a weak undergraduate GPA and I'd like some feedback on what I should do next. What is the better choice for me? Should I do something that's not mentioned here? Thanks for your advice!
It's perhaps best if you hold off in applying this upcoming cycle (MD) once you know your new MCAT score and once you have proof of excelling in the post bac or the SMP. The post bac, at a glace seems like a formidable option for you. Which one is it btw? You will take your upper division science courses and that will also help prepare you for the MCAT.
Also, applying in July once you have your scores back is pretty late, your application won't be verified til late August. Thus you won't be getting secondaries until after September, which is pretty late in the cycle, for optimum results. Your taking a huge risk, imo.
However, your stats are competitive for DO, have you gave that option any thought? If you have, I'd apply this year to DO, apply early, and broadly, you'll probably receive several interviews.