Need some advice! Go to Saba or choose a different path..

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Feb 2, 2017
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Long time lurker on this forum but first time posting!!
Okay here it goes, please don't rip me to shreds :)

I am a Canadian student finishing up my bachelor of science this year.
GPA: 3.9/4.0
MCAT: to be written this Spring!! Late because of the ECs I have done in the past summers (research, my uni sent me to china for an exchange, etc)
ECs: 3 years of research, 1 publication with another on the way, 2 years laboratory technician, varsity athlete, pharmacy technician, teaching assistant, primary care giver to a c5-6 quadriplegic male, shadowed a pathologist, volunteered at local medical examiner office as part of their skeletal reference guide, tutoring, hospital volunteer, etc etc etc etc

My main problem is that I did not take a full course load every year of my undergrad. In Canada, this mainly matters in regards to you last two years. 3/5 years I took a full course load but this disqualifies me for my provincial school. Seat allocations for out of province are VERY low so my options would be limited and it would be nearly impossible to gain acceptance (not looking for advice to apply 5 cycles straight).

I have looked into the US extensively both MD and DO. Due to the dollar, even with loans I could not cover tuition (super sad about this because there are several schools I would love to apply to). So, as a last resort I am turning to SABA since the tuition is lower.

I have looked into other options here in Canada but they are very limited. For example, physician assistant programs have only existed since 2010s and there are barely any jobs.

Thank you in advance!!!

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There's really nothing anyone can tell you without MCAT scores.
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If you're a strong candidate, apply to a few schools that are notorious for giving scholarships. Especially with your research, Lerner at Cleveland clinic is good and you'd get an md/phd

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Look at medical scholarships, with your GPA and if your MCAT is pretty, you could qualify for scholarships depending on school. Definitely do that research.

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Thank you all for the advice! I will definitely look into it some more and hopefully find some options that are Canadian friendly :)