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Jul 13, 2017
I'd highly appreciate you guys for taking the time to answer the following:

1) Do I have to have my MCAT score by the time of application? because I'm taking the MCAT on September 9 and the AACPMAS application opens in August

2) I haven't shadowed a DPM yet but by working as an EMT for 2 years and shadowing a D.O; I've been around many cases pertaining to the foot. Do you suggest I find a DPM to shadow ASAP before application

3) Am I a competitive applicant based on my GPA?
cGPA: 3.41
prereq science GPA: 3.5
overall science GPA since I was a bio major ( 3.1)
*** I got a D in one of my genetics classes due to some family problems and financial reasons but I will retake a couple of genetics courses at CC right after MCAT

4) and Lastly, do seats fill up really fast? because I'm not sure If I should rush it and apply without an MCAT score or wait until I get my scores in January. the last filing date of June 30th, gives me the time to shadow a DPM for couple of months as well as improving of my science GPA.

Sorry for asking alot of questions, just wanted to get a feel of how serious the Podiatry process is as I'm sure the field is expanding and there are a lot of applicants. thanks again!

Best regards


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Mar 9, 2014
Miami, FL
Podiatry Student
1) don't need MCAT by time of application, I believe, but definately will need atleast a date registered and will need a score by the interview.

2) Definately, definately shadow several DPMs. Don't have to go crazy on hours. I shadowed two DPMs twice each. You'll need one of them to write you a letter anyway.

3) Definately competetive on GPA. As long as the MCAT isn't horrific you'll get accepted just about everywhere and be competetive for scholarship at some.

4) Seats do not fill up fast, we're in an applicant crisis. That said- always easier to get in earlier than later.
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Jul 16, 2016
Podiatry Student
Hi! Just submitted my 2018 app!!! Does anyone know if we can just e-mail letters of rec directly to the schools?
Use Interfolio. Or, contact the schools and ask them if the person writing the LORs can have it mailed to the schools directly.
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