1. B

    Subject based (Midwestern) vs systems based teaching (Western) approach

    I'm currently trying to decide between Midwestern and Western. I loved my interview with Midwestern and was impressed by their high board pass rates. However, I like the curriculum Western teaches. They do blocks and a 2 pass system with the 1st-year focus: Normal functions of the body, health...
  2. F

    Upperclassman At NYCPM - Ask Me Anything!

    Hey everyone! I am a current second year student at NYCPM. I know many of you are concerned with how this upcoming year may look for you. I’m here to answer any questions you may have. Ask away!
  3. G

    Podiatry Salary Outlook

    Hey SDN, I am a health science pre med major (junior) and was looking at potential careers in the med field since it is what I want to pursue. I shadowed a cardiologist, family physician, radiologist and a podiatrist and I have to say, the podiatrist was definitely the one who was most...
  4. Bubuddy

    Canadian Seeking Advice

    Hey guys! I am a Canadian going into my 3rd year this fall and have just recently discovered podiatry from a close friend of mine and love all the aspects of podiatric medicine! Since I was kinda late to the party, I did not do any DPM shadowing as of yet, and after researching Ontario practice...
  5. G


  6. Mister Significant

    Chances at Podiatry School

  7. B

    Current WesternU CPM Student

    Hi! I'm a current WesternU 2nd year podiatry student. If anyone has a question about anything, feel free to ask me!
  8. 6

    Applying to Podiatry School Before Completing Bachelor?

    Ok, so I have my first interview and I want to know how does it work when you have not finished your degree ..... do they accept you and ask you to finish your degree? or do they tell you to finish before they can accept you fully? lets say they do accept me and tell me to finish my degree is...
  9. velarey

    Podiatry and family question, is this realistic ..

    Hi I'm 30 years of age, and I am contemplating applying to Podiatry school. I'm engaged and my fiancé and I have discussed a plan to start a family after we marry (which will be next year). So, interim I would take all the pre-requisite classes required, and then apply. My fiancé is an...
  10. docijoon

    new Member with Questions! Please help :)

    I'd highly appreciate you guys for taking the time to answer the following: 1) Do I have to have my MCAT score by the time of application? because I'm taking the MCAT on September 9 and the AACPMAS application opens in August 2) I haven't shadowed a DPM yet but by working as an EMT for 2...
  11. WildWing

    Pre-Podiatry Ask Me Anything (AMA) threads

    Below is a list of pre-podiatry Ask Me Anything (AMA) threads sorted by start date. June 3, 2020: Upperclassman at NYCPM - Ask me anything! February 6, 2019: 4th Year Podiatry Student from KSUCPM - Feel free to ask me anything! May 28, 2019: Podiatry Attending/SDN Moderator - AMA Oct 29, 2018...
  12. Packers4lifeDPM

    AZpod Class of 2021!!

    Just thought I'd make a thread for all my future AZpod classmates!!
  13. B

    Letters of Recommendation

    Just wondering if me getting a letter from my research professor (science related) who also teaches at a medical school and a professor who I took classes with who is a neuroscientist would count as two letters of recommendation from science faculty.
  14. K

    Any questions for a 1st year student at KSUCPM?

    Hi, I'm currently a member of the class of 2020 at KSUCPM. I know that some of my classmates have been active on this forum throughout the year posting about their experiences but I wanted to post a new thread to give anyone who's looking at schools now a chance to ask any questions regarding...
  15. B

    Pre Podiatry Prep

  16. FnA Man

    Athletic Training>>>Health Profession Program

    In the AACPMAS>>>Other Information>>> It asked if I have had "Previous Attendance to Health Profession Program". I selected "yes" and explained that I have graduated from an Athletic Training Program (and now Practicing), which is a Health Professional degree, being that ATC's are allied health...
  17. FnA Man

    AACPMAS>>Check Status>>In Progress!!!

    All my transcripts have been received, but I have yet to submit my application. However, the schools I am applying to say "In Progress". Does this allow the schools to a preliminary review of my application or not?
  18. C

    Best time to apply

    Hey everyone! I am interested in applying to podiatry school for the 2017 year. I have yet to take the MCAT, and am not planning on taking it until after the fall semester since I am taking a few science classes that will be covered on the MCAT (biochem, cell bio, and genetics) during that time...