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    I know that recently graduated 4th years are preparing for boards and I thought this website ( might be helpful. I have been working on it as part of a research project. It is similar to USMLE world or Kaplan qbank except specific to PM&R. You can take multiple choice board style questions on it, and submit your own for everyone else to study from.

    All multiple choice questions follow the guidelines for question creation based on the 70 page powerpoint presentation written by the ABPMR which can be viewed at their website.

    I have received some nice initial feedback and would appreciate any other feedback people had to offer. The site is still in its early stages.

    Current Features:

    Free to use.
    Ability to take computerized board style multiple choice questions.
    Answers provide thorough explanations, many with graphics, to help teach PM&R material. References included.
    Currently ~35 unique questions in the question bank and updated regularly.
    Ability for users to edit test questions "wikipedia-style" to continually update and enhance the question bank.Ability for users to add multiple-choice questions to the question bank (screened before being added).
    Guide on how to create board style multiple choice questions based on information from the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.
    Ability to browse the table of contents for the current month of most PM&R journals.

    I hope people find it useful.


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