No Response from Multiple Non-VSLO Elective Rotations?

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Jul 16, 2018
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Hi everyone!

I am a third year OMS-III and I feel our school has kind of left us in the dark about how to handle elective/away/audition rotations. I don't exactly know what I am doing to be quite honest, but I looked up a couple of programs that I was interested in (I am applying IM --> want to be an Endo) and reviewed their profile to see if they were on VSAS or not (also as a DO student, we have limited access according to the website??) and if I did not see them on VSAS, I did my best to find the correct person to contact and write a basic request for a rotation and that I was interested in their IM residency program, along with dates of availability. I also attached my CV.

Am I missing something? I haven't received a single response from the 5 programs I have emailed. My first email went out the first week of March, and as my schedule has allowed, I have sent others.

Any information on this process would be very helpful as I am just very confused. TIA!

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