elective rotations

  1. CrazyHorseLady

    No Response from Multiple Non-VSLO Elective Rotations?

    Hi everyone! I am a third year OMS-III and I feel our school has kind of left us in the dark about how to handle elective/away/audition rotations. I don't exactly know what I am doing to be quite honest, but I looked up a couple of programs that I was interested in (I am applying IM --> want to...
  2. Asclepius293

    3rd Year Elective - Interest in EM

    Hey all, In the luck of the draw, I'll be starting third year on elective. I'm limited on what I can choose from due to not having completed core rotations. To add to that, the emergency medicine elective is not available for my elective month. Any advice on what might be beneficial at this...
  3. H

    Anesthesia elective

    Can you please help me find an elective/clerkship in Anesthesia. I still didn't apply for a program as most universities require Step1 scores or do not accept international visiting students. If you know any program please let me know
  4. D

    Child neuro elective rotations

    Hi! I’m a third year DO student interested in child neuro. I’m hoping to stay in the Midwest for residency and am wondering where to do electives/auditions. I scored decent on step 1 (240s) and tons of volunteering but only have research from undergrad. Does anyone have any tips on the best...
  5. mhmd1ahmd

    Johns Hopkins VS St. Jude children research hospital

    which is better for someone pursuing a pediatrics residency and a fellowship in medical genetics? 1. Two months of research at Johns Hopkins in computational genomics with a very good chance of publishing one paper. 2. One month clinical rotation in pediatrics surgical oncology at St. Jude...
  6. M

    Paediatric Electives! Tertiary or community hospital for electives?

    Paediatric electives...which is better, tertiary (children's hospital) or a community hospital with a paediatrics ward? I've heard you can't do much in tertiary hospitals since there are a lot of residents and fellows taking over cases, but not so in community hospitals. Thoughts?
  7. D

    Canadian Electives compared to US electives.

    When i reach year 6 in my med school (m4 equivalent) , i am supposed to go to the US to do USCE to gain experience and get some LOR's. Came to my attention that i need ALL my core clerkships to be done by the time i apply , which isnt possible since in my school , we do some core clerkships in...
  8. R

    Top 5 Mistakes Students Make on their Radiology Elective

    Let me preface this by saying that I am a radiology attending who has been very involved in medical education throughout my career from resident, to fellow to now. I have worked at big academic centers as well as community programs and have spoken to many of my radiology friends about these...
  9. M

    Rural Family Med Elective in Alaska? Maybe with Indian Health Service?

    Hi! Anyone out there have experience with setting up an elective in a rural in Alaska? Probably in Family Medicine? I'm interested in Emergency Medicine but have some flexibility with my electives for next year and was hoping to do something like this. Someone mentioned the Indian Health Service...
  10. P

    VSAS electives vs. SubI for audition season

    Hi there - just got a VSAS offer for an elective at a place I am dying to get an interview. Unfortunately I applied to all the subinternships at the hospital but was granted an elective instead (my last preference). Is it still worth taking the elective? I’ve been told I won’t have the...
  11. K

    MD & DO MS3 gifts

    My school is having a going away celebration for the current MS2/rising MS3 students before they head off for their clinical years, and I wanted to get a gift for my Big Sib. What would you guys recommend? What is something useful to have during third and fourth year rotations? Thanks!
  12. T

    Neuro Medical Elective in the UK

    Hi! I'm an international medical student and I'm planning to take a medical elective in the UK. I have already applied to the Walton Centre in Liverpool - has anybody done a neurology elective here? If yes, how was the experience? Also what are the other recommended places to do a neuro...
  13. P

    MD Help with choosing M3 electives!

    Hi all, I was hoping to elicit some advice from the SDN community out there for choosing M3 electives. I'm a rising M3, about to take Step 1, so this isn't something I want to be particularly worried about rn, but it's hard not to be because my school just gave us our clerkship schedules for...
  14. P


    I am an final year international medical student, willing to pursue IM residency. My quick question is which one is better: 1. Total 2700$ for 8 weeks - to work with a cardiologist and a gastroenterologist at a private clinic 4 weeks each- total 8 weeks. 2. 5250$ for 8 weeks to work at FIU...
  15. R

    USCE or research? which one is better for radiology?

    Hello, I am a last year medical student at a foreign medical school. I am planning to apply for radiology residency in the USA. I am in a desperate dilemma and I want to hear your reflections on it. As you already know USCE is said to be a 'must' for IMGs and I have been trying to get one but...
  16. M

    Best NYC Electives and Residencies in OB/GYN

    Hello. I am a 2nd year medical student. I am interested in pursuing my residency training (+ fellowship + eventual career) in NYC. At this point, I think I am interested in OB/GYN (to eventually pursue REI or MFM). I was considering some of the residency programs in NYC including Cornell...
  17. A

    Anyone have experience with AMClinicals (paid clerkship site)?

    Due to multiple eligibility issues and curriculum differences, I can't apply for an elective in the states the old fashioned way. So I'm turning to paid clerkship sites. Anyone have experience with this site in particular? How hands-on was it and what level of responsibility did you have while...
  18. A

    Clinical Rotations/Electives at hospitals that don't require Core Rotations to be completed?

    I'm an Eastern European medical student looking to do a couple of elective rotations this coming summer. I've spent the last month or so looking at every medical school in the US in order to do these rotations, and every single one that accepts international students requires that you have your...
  19. A

    Regarding US Clinical Electives as an Easter European student. Can't seem to find any solution.

    I'm a 5th year (out of 6) Eastern European medical student, and I'm aiming to do my residency in the States. Having successfully passed Step 1, I'm looking to get some clinical experience in the US to continue on my journey. Unfortunately, it seems that due to the vast differences in curriculum...
  20. Carso93

    Help me for a Clinical Elective

    Hi guys :laugh: I would ask you some advices about hospitals in which I could apply for a Clinical Elective in the next summer. - Geographic area: America, Australia, UK - I have only an IELTS with the score of 6 - Preferred specialty: Cardiology - 4 weeks Actually, I have found something in...
  21. J

    MS3/MS4 Expectations for Ortho Rotations

    Looking specifically for input from Ortho residents. Scores are competitive (COMLEX 758/ USMLE 268) and I want to be as helpful a team member my 3rd/4th year as I can (third year elective is scheduled at a hospital I am interested in for residency). I'd appreciate input on expectations for me...
  22. House911MD

    Useful non-EM electives for Emergency Medicine applicants?

    What non-EM electives do you think would be useful to take 4th year (maybe ones that EM residency training doesn't give enough practice in)? I've already done a SICU elective and am scheduled for a radiology and an EKG one, but I might still have some room for a few more 2 and/or 4 week. I've...
  23. Carso93

    IELTS and Clinical Elective

    Hello! I would like to do a clinical elective in UK or USA the next year. I'm a med student (4th year for now) and I have a IELS score of 6. Do you know some hospitals that accept a score like this? Thank you a lot. Bye!
  24. B

    Planning strong 4th year electives for IM... help?

  25. pegasus4999

    Indian medical student who wants to do clinical electives in the USA. Please help.

    I'm in my final year of MBBS in India. I plan to do clinical electives in the US soon. Please help me out. I have not taken any USMLE steps. I'm going to take TOEFL soon. I have no time to prepare for USMLE Step 1 right now. I know some universities ask for that but i don't think there's a way...
  26. D

    My advanced pharmacy practice experience

    For current APPE students, I hope my blog will aid you in reaching your goals on the homestretch. As for future APPE students, I hope that this blog can offer you a jump-start on your forthcoming journey. I would appreciate comments and feedback. thanks guys. good-luck!