1. CrazyHorseLady

    No Response from Multiple Non-VSLO Elective Rotations?

    Hi everyone! I am a third year OMS-III and I feel our school has kind of left us in the dark about how to handle elective/away/audition rotations. I don't exactly know what I am doing to be quite honest, but I looked up a couple of programs that I was interested in (I am applying IM --> want to...
  2. sss1219

    2021-2022 PM&R Away Rotations

    Figured we could use a place to discuss how applications have been faring for everyone this year Anyone been lucky enough to snag a spot anywhere?
  3. A

    Question about LOR for VSAS

    Hello! I've recently applied through VSAS to aways that opened April 1. I'm currently waiting on my LORs to be uploaded by my home institution, but I only need to have one letter for completion. Is it better to have any LOR uploaded as earlier as possible vs. waiting on a specific letter that...
  4. strb_thndr

    [Official] 2019-2020 PM&R Away Rotations

    Hey all! I'm a 3rd year med student applying to PM&R this fall. I wanted to start a discussion thread as a resource regarding all things VSAS/VSLO/timeline/program characteristics/student expectations/etc. for those of us planning away/audition rotations. There was a similar thread started last...
  5. 21Rush12

    Anesthesiology VSAS 2019 Thread

    Hi all: I was browsing looking for some VSAS information and found a thread like this from the previous cycle. I thought now would be a good time to get a new one started as programs are opening and apps are sent out. I'm hoping this can be a place for people to post their accept/reject/stats...
  6. B

    Applying for away rotations- the nitty gritty

    So I'm in the process of choosing which programs I want to do my away rotations at (still deciding between ortho and ENT). Some programs I would like to go to have already began accepting applications through VSAS, while others won't begin accepting apps until March. My fear is that if I wait...
  7. G

    Anesthesia Away Rotation Guide for Medical Students

    This is a guide for anesthesiology away rotations for medical students, a specific topic that frequently shows up in SDN and reddit threads. It is a collection of frequently asked questions that have been answered previously on SDN. I wrote this in service to future medical students interested...
  8. X

    VSAS / Away Rotation Background Check

    For away rotations, where do you all recommend getting your criminal background check done? Looking for the best place to get a criminal background check done that will be valid for all hospitals. Do you need FBI fingerprints, etc? Also - when you actually go to rotate at said hospital, do they...
  9. P

    Do residency program coordinators talk to each other?

    Hi there, Quick question because I am freaking out a little... I called the registrar at a school whose VSAS application I'm waiting to hear back from. I ended up getting transferred to someone else in the Ob/Gyn department and they said they didn't have any spots until January even though my...
  10. Mat the coolcat

    OHSU EM VSAS response...?

    Have ppl been accepted for the visiting rotations at Oregon yet? Specifically in EM? I sent in my app the first or second day it opened, and I still haven't heard whether I am confirmed or denied for the rotation. I don't have very high hopes, but it starts in basically a month now and I'm...
  11. P

    VSAS electives vs. SubI for audition season

    Hi there - just got a VSAS offer for an elective at a place I am dying to get an interview. Unfortunately I applied to all the subinternships at the hospital but was granted an elective instead (my last preference). Is it still worth taking the elective? I’ve been told I won’t have the...
  12. vitaminsee

    MD & DO Unusual VSAS situation

  13. Mat the coolcat

    VSAS response time for following rotations

    Was just wondering if any people are done and past all this VSAS nonsense can comment on the normal response time for decisions on rotation acceptance/denial from the following instititions (even more specifically, for EM): 1. OHSU 2. Maricopa 3. Desert regional 4. Kaweah Health (not VSAS) 5...
  14. Don'tStopMeNow

    Specific question about VSAS/away rotations site

    Just wanted to check (because I did a forum search and turned up nothing) but are there resources to find out information about away rotations at specific sites? I'm military, so I match in December and have my interview away rotations/ADTs before September. I'm from MN originally so I worked...
  15. rawrsy

    MD Away rotation application problem

    Question for med students or residents: I recently applied for an away rotation program through VSAS, and they required the application be sent 30 days prior to the requested rotation dates. I sent in everything required via VSAS, however it has been a week now since the due date and I...
  16. S

    VSAS Authorizations.. how do I get more?

    I am wanting to apply to the institutions for audition rotations for as many months possible (~4 each) but I only have 20 authorizations. I want to give my self the best chance at getting the rotation, how do I get more authorizations if I run out?
  17. R

    VSAS Immunizations

    So I was just looking over the AAMC Standard Immunizations form and it states that you need to have proof of 3 shots of hep B and the quantitative hep b surface ab titer. The problem is I only have records that show one hep b shot as a kid (I'm assuming it was my last one of the series and I...
  18. surely

    Aways in Texas that *won't* help me?

    As someone with no ties to Texas, are there any TX Aways that are unlikely to help me get my foot in the door at other TX programs? i.e. are there TX programs that other TX programs take less seriously for some reason? For instance, some programs that have been getting strong reviews on SDN...
  19. Magneto1

    Dermatology Away Rotations Strategy

    A bit about me-I am a third year at an Ohio Allopathic Medical School and I'm a bit puzzled on strategically planning away rotations for Dermatology. Aside from the usual qualifications for applying to Derm (or any competitive residency i.e.-good step score, research, AOA), what is the best way...
  20. E

    Non-VSAS Away Rotations :: Is there a list of Non-VSAS Programs?

    Hi! I applied to several EM away rotations through VSAS and have not been accepted and/or am waitlisted on them. Having applied to more popular programs or desirable locations, I only have a few more applications before I hit the 10 token limit so am wanting to apply to some programs that do...
  21. scruffy821

    When your school releases your VSAS application late...

    Sad warning to my fellow M3s applying for aways: At my med school, we have to email our registrar's office every time we submit a VSAS application to ask them to release it. I applied for one of rotations the minute that VSAS opened and listed two dates for that elective -- emailed my school...
  22. N

    Sub-Is: Does your school make you fill out extra affiliation paperwork to go there?

    My US medical school makes us set up "affiliation" agreements to rotate at other schools hospitals in 4th year, even if its through VSAS. It's basically a bunch of random legal paperwork and at my school, it takes 120 days to complete which as I just found out has screwed me out of doing a Sub-I...
  23. NYUyankeezfan

    VSAS - Med Schools vs Hospitals

    Hey all. VSAS allows you to apply for rotations with hospitals or medical schools. What exactly is the difference? If you apply for a school, say New York Medical College, does that then allow you to get placed at one of the school's academic affiliates? Thanks!