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Sep 10, 2018
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Hi everyone! Long-time lurker wondering about how to approach the non-science prof LOR requirement, as I’ve been out of undergrad since 2017 (not in contact with my profs) and taking only science classes as part of my post-bacc.

I have access to LORS from science profs, the supervising physician for my clinical volunteering program, my PI, my employer (a community health program), and some collaborators from mental health advocacy work I've been involved with.

Would either of the following count as nonscience profs?
  • My PI: He’s a psychology prof and teaches a research class at the university where I’m doing my post-bacc. I attend the class because it’s basically a lab meeting. I do the assignments for my own edification, but I’m not an official auditor because I can’t afford the fee on top of my tuition. I’m just a volunteer research assistant who does HW.
  • My fall 2020 psych prof: I took a psych class last semester and did well. The only issue is it’s a “neurobio of mental illness” course, so I’m pretty sure it’s going to count as a science class on AMCAS. I’m not sure if that counts as non-science!
I’m worried that if I wait until the spring (post-MCAT) to reach out to the schools I’m applying to, I won’t have ample time to try and scrounge up a letter from one of my undergrad professors, if I can’t use my PI or psych prof.

What should I do!?

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