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Jan 13, 2004
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Hello everyone. I am deeply concerned about the covid-19 pandemic. I have maintained an interest in nutrition for over a decade and probably contracted covid-19 myself about 16 days ago in Durham, NC. My case was mild, with about 25% respiratory impairment at its worst on the seventh day of the illness. Due to lack of availability of testing kits for non-severe cases I can't confirm whether it was actually c-19 however I did suffer at 75% loss of smell plus the repiratory impairment so according to CDC it is assumed covid-19.

The nutritional information for covid-19 I have seen released by the medical community can be made a lot more effective. I recently sent a letter via email to the American Dietetic Association and am awaiting a response however I wanted to bring my recommendations to the forum to get them out there for discussion and hopefully to improve patient resistant and outcomes to c-19.

Here is my letter:

April 1, 2020


I am a disabled chiropractor with an interest in nutrition. I have chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus and am 12 days with mild covid. I think your group can really help by getting more covid specific preventative information to providers and the public at large. Covid's respiratory distress syndrome is dependent on high inflammation which triggers cytokines to inflame and destroy lung tissue. Diet and gut bacteria set the baseline systemic inflammation level. If an individual is eating a low inflammation diet they have a buffer against covid because they can better tolerate the infection. However, the standard American diet is based around large amounts of high glyfosate (Roundup pesticide) animal foods and grains (wheat, corn, soy, oats). Glyfosate disturbs bacterial metabolism by making them dormant for four hours. High meat consumption leads to overcolonization of harmful bacteria and a pro-inflammatory state.

"An unbalanced composition of gut bacteria characterized by high Fusobacterium and Bacteroides but low Lactobacillus."
"The high level of heme iron in red and processed meats can increase the redox level and induce inflammation."
PLoS One. 2016; 11(4): e0152678.
-Zhu Y, Lin X, Li H, et al. Intake of Meat Proteins Substantially Increased the Relative Abundance of Genus Lactobacillus in Rat Feces. PLoS One. 2016;11(4):e0152678. Published 2016 Apr 4. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0152678

Some recommendations for patients would be:
-Avoid/Limit glyfosate foods (commercial grains, commercial meat).
-Avoid/Limit red meat which causes inflammation.
-Eat live culture foods (yogurt, fermented food).
-Eat seafood, non-starch vegetables and organic animal products (low glyfosate).
-Organic grains are allowed.
-Drink plenty of clean water.
-Avoid sugar and artificial sweetners (stevia is permissible) to lower inflammation.
-Supplement vitamin C and D3 to maximize immunity.
-Have ample amounts of omega 3 fatty acids from food or supplements (hemp oil, fish, krill oil, etc) which lowers inflammation.
-Avoid anti-inflammatory drugs which increase cytokines.


I think you should outreach with the CDC and state health departments to disseminate this nutritional information which is largely being ignored. It will lower the covid death toll.

As a lupus patient I am on 300 mg plaquenil OD (reduced due to interactions with supplements) so if plaquenil is proven to have an inhibitory effect on C-19 this may have helped my covid (though I am not sure given the conflicting research). However, I am convinced that the above recommendations will greatly help individuals resist and survive covid-19 by improving resistance to excess inflammation that occurs during the course of the disease and limiting the tissue damage that leads to acute respiratory distress.


Allen Botnick DC
Durham, NC


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This topic is not really pertinent to Family Medicine. Closing.
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