1. czjjj_233

    PhD/PsyD Clinical psych PhD or Nutrition PhD?

    Hi everyone, I am a double-major in Clinical Nutrition and Psychology at undergrad, and I got a masters of education in human development psychology. I am currently doing the dietetic internship to become a registered dietitian. However, I also want to do research in the intersection of...
  2. N

    General JHSPH or LSHTM?

    Hi All! I've applied to the full-time MSc in Nutrition for Global Health at LSHTM (not yet accepted) and the full-time MPH at JHSPH (I've been accepted). My goal is to work in international emergency nutrition - with a UN agency such as UNICEF, WFP, WHO or an INGO, USAID...etc. For JHSPH I...
  3. cdmguy

    Nutritional Recommendations for Covid-19

    Hello everyone. I am deeply concerned about the covid-19 pandemic. I have maintained an interest in nutrition for over a decade and probably contracted covid-19 myself about 16 days ago in Durham, NC. My case was mild, with about 25% respiratory impairment at its worst on the seventh day of...
  4. H

    MD or DO Schools w/ Holistic Medicine Courses

    Hi this is my first post on SDN so bear with me :) My intention for coming here is to build a list of medical schools in America or Canada that offer more in terms of holistic, integrative, and functional medicine training. Please contribute with more schools you may know of and your personal...
  5. BradyJV

    Considering an online, one-year masters in nutrition during my gap year

    Hello, everyone. Long story short - My grades, LOR's, extracurriculars, etc should be decently competitive for medical school and wouldn't use this masters in a way to try to "boost" my application. I decided to pursue medicine after dietary and lifestyle changes that helped me tremendously. I'm...
  6. stardocscream

    Nutrition under UCSD is BIOL? - BCPM or not?

    Hello! This is more of a question specific to the AAMC, so I thought this would be a good place to ask about this since the AAMC itself was pretty vague. I'm interested in taking two Nutrition courses from the UCSD Extension program. I have an interest in some aspects of nutrition and I've...
  7. stardocscream

    UCSD Extension Nutrition BIOL Courses: Would they count in BCPM gpa?

    Hello! I have a question for the forum. I was looking at taking some Nutrition courses through UCSD Extension. I noticed that some of their nutrition courses have the BIOL moniker by them (Foundations of Nutrition I: Introduction to Nutrition Science). Since they have that moniker by them...
  8. M

    Gap year nutrition education

    Hey y’all. I’m a graduate from UGA waiting to hear back from a med school that I’m currently waitlisted for, and I’m trying to make some plans just in case I’m forced to take a gap year. I’m hoping to get a job as a scribe or some other position in the medical field, but I’m also interested in...
  9. Dr_SuperBloom

    Functional Medicine & Nutrition in Allopathic Schools

    I will be applying next year, to matriculate fall 2020, and am very interested in both functional medicine and nutrition as part of my medical education. They are obviously things I can self-study/obtain accreditation for after medical school, but I would be very interested to know of any...
  10. MutterButter

    Should I pursue a residency?

    I am an incoming 3rd year vet student with an overwhelming love for Veterinary Nutrition. I just came back from a conference that got me even more fired up about nutrition, and I would love to make it my career. I am tempted to pursue a residency to get boarded in nutrition.... BUT- The problem...
  11. S

    MPH, next step RD or DrPH in Health Education

    I currently have an MPH in Chronic Disease Epidemiology and have been working in Obesity Prevention Intervention research focused in nutrition and physical activity for the last two years. My ultimate career goal is to work in implementing health programs and providing health education (and...
  12. cdmguy

    Nursing licensing boards give 9.5 continuing ed hours for quacky cancer nutrition course

    An education PhD with no credentials in health care named Susan Silberstein has been approved by nursing continuing education to 9.5 self reported approved CEU nursing credits in cancer nutrition. https://www.linkedin.com/in/susan-silberstein-phd-7a59b817 Here's what her class consisted of in...
  13. O

    Dietitian to PA?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if I could get some thoughts on my situation. A little background on myself... I'm 22 years old and almost done with my dietetic internship and Master's program. I finished my undergrad in 3 years with a 3.8 and have a 4.0 in grad school. My Master's thesis is...
  14. A

    George Mason University, MS in Nutrition

    Hi all, I wasn't sure where exactly to post this since it's not quite Pre-Med and there isn't a separate forum for Nutrition either-- I guess "Pre-Health" is the best way to label where I am right now. In any case, I'm interested in pursuing the MS in Nutrition program at George Mason...
  15. Elach

    Tell me about your weight during residency/fellowship, SDN

    First off, I feel like in these days and age, I should start by saying you are all beautiful just as you are. No, really. Look at you! You're stunning and brave. Now that we got that out of our way, I'm genuinely interested about what you think about this. What's your experience? Do you gain a...
  16. wannadoctoritup

    Masters Programs

  17. M

    Medical Dietetics at Ohio State

    Hi everyone! I was recently accepted into OSU (yayy!!!). I plan on majoring in Medical Dietetics, and then I plan to apply to medical school after I'm done. I was wondering if any students on here have majored in this at OSU? If so, I have some questions, and I would love to get some insight on...
  18. buggymanatee

    Should I back out of Animal Nutrition or not??

    Soooo I am currently enrolled in Animal Nutrition through OkState. I intended to complete it as part of my UF prerequisite coursework, but they rejected me during this cycle. Since I have not sent in the first assignment yet, I can still get a refund for the course and get my money back. I just...
  19. L

    Osteopathic schools that teach nutrition?

    Hi! I would really liked to be trained in nutrition. Does anybody know any osteopathic medical schools that make nutrition a part of their curriculum? Do you know of any residency type programs where you can get certified in nutrition, if this is not a possibility?
  20. P

    Nutrition education

    Why is there so little emphasis on nutrition in medical schools? It seems like the doctors I've been to know surprisingly little about proper nutrition and how to counsel patients on diet.
  21. O

    DO and RD?

    First off, a little on my background. I graduated with my BS in Dietetics this past May and am currently in a combined Masters program and dietetic internship, so when I graduate I will have my MS in Human Nutrition and Registered Dietitian credential. I graduated undergrad with a 3.8 gpa...
  22. E

    Nutritional Science major at UT Austin?

    my dream school is UT Austin. I wanted to pick something that isn't too competitive/basic and something that interest me. So, I thought nutritional science would be a good major. Do you guys think nutritional science at UT is a non-competitive major so I can also spend a good amount of time on...
  23. Stevens_Solstice

    Internist? Nutrition Specialist?

    Hello my name is Steven. I plan on earning a B.S in biological sciences and then have my Masters in Biology as well. I want to become an Internist but I do want to specialize more in nutrition in my practice. Is that possible? No i don't want to be a nutritionist, I just feel that a healthy diet...
  24. F

    International Conference on Food Technology and Nutrition Science

    The 1st International conference on Food Technology and Nutritional Science (Food & Nutrition-2017) will be hosted by Global cognitio group. This conference provides a platform to share the new innovations and advancements in Food technology and Nutrition field. This conference will focus on...
  25. T

    Passions = nutrition and preventive medicine...advice?

    Hi all– I am seeking some perspective. My greatest interest lies in nutrition -- exploring and promoting diets that work best for people to optimize their health and wellbeing. However, I do not feel I will be satisfied as a dietician. I view this profession as being fairly limited, both...
  26. T

    Travelling AND getting medical experience?

    I am wondering if you are aware of any volunteer or paid programs that allow you to travel outside the US and gain experience working in a healthcare setting. (Some background if you are wondering): This question comes as I am about to graduate undergrad and have never had the opportunity to...
  27. J

    Public Health vs Health Communications

    I am debating between these two degrees. I am also interested in Health Journalism which is a concentration within communications. Can anyone provide some explanations about the differences between these fields? If anyone works in either of those fields, can you explain in detail what your job...
  28. mylittlebuttercup

    chance me in the face

    Hi! I work full-time as a web developer code monkey and am 28 years old and female. I graduated with a BA in Philosophy and a minor in Psychology in 2009 with a 2.9 GPA. I started my own web development business after undergrad and it was very successful. We have since been bought out. I...