NYMC vs Hackensack Meridian (Seton Hall)


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Aug 1, 2017
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Been debating this for a while now and its been 50/50. If anyone can help me point out obvious pros and cons, that would be very appreciated! I also haven't received any financial assistance from either yet (both are private institutions), but my deal breaker might be whoever gives me a scholarship. FYI, I am a NJ resident, female, and am very interested in pursing a surgical residency after medical school. From what I know so far:

- 4 year medical school
- strong match list (especially for hospitals in NYC, which is a big interest for me)
- much older school with established traditions and connections
- learning style is typical lectures and small groups
- scheduled to take Step 1 after 2nd year, just like other 4 year schools

Hackensack Meridian:
- 3 year program (or you can stay another year to do research, MPH, etc), you start clinicals in the middle of 2nd year
- guaranteed internal match to any Hackensack hospital after 3 years. You can do the national Match but would have to stay for a 4th year.
- brand new school established in 2018, no match record yet
- flipped classroom style learning, similar to problem-based learning
- scheduled to take Step 1 after 3rd year (1 year after finishing didactics)

What to do?!? Also please correct me if any of the above information is incorrect. Thanks! :)
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May 10, 2017
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Hackensack called me again and offered an even better scholarship. Half-Tuition, which basically makes tuition $31k a year. I think I'm gunna take it. But I am a bit skeptical why they keep offering more and more.
Take the deal and run. That’s a lot of money
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May 26, 2017
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I initially voted NYMC earlier this week (more established), but switched to Seton Hall just now when I saw your updated COA and a guaranteed residency option after just 3 years. Debt and residency apps are two of the biggest stressors for med students, so being able to mitigate both sounds like an amazing deal.
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