1. P

    New York Medical College (NYMC) vs Cooper (CMSRU)

    Background on my career goals: Looking to pursue a more competitive specialty, not exactly sure what. My personal impressions of the two: NYMC Pros First interview of the season, fell in love with mission, really enjoyed the faculty I met. Students really love NYMC, I didn't hear any real...
  2. J

    Is NYMC Traditional right for me?

    Hi everyone, I am a non-traditional applicant. I took the prerequisites some time ago and did well, but I need to show current coursework. I am trying to figure out if this program works for me. I am strong in the biological sciences, but it has been some years since I took rigorous...
  3. B

    NYMC Accelerated Master's - Need help deciding

    Hi all, Recently got accepted into NYMC's Accelerated Master's Program (aka AMP). Big pros of this program (in my eyes) are small class size (~15 students, & up to 25 students maximum) and guaranteed interview invite to NYMC MD program if you have greater than or equal to 506 MCAT + 3.4 GPA...
  4. L

    NYMC graduate school of basic medical sciences (traditional)

    Hi! I'm currently applying to NYMC's grad school (trad basic medical sciences). I've been doing a bit of research about the school but am still a bit unsure about the stats they accept and their acceptance rate in general. I know the accelerated program only accepts 15-25 students. Would anyone...
  5. pork_katsu_cheesecorn

    NYMC vs Hackensack Meridian (Seton Hall)

    Been debating this for a while now and its been 50/50. If anyone can help me point out obvious pros and cons, that would be very appreciated! I also haven't received any financial assistance from either yet (both are private institutions), but my deal breaker might be whoever gives me a...
  6. S

    NYMC vs. Drexel

    Basically, I can’t decide because it seems unclear how the Hahnemann closure at Drexel will affect students’ rotations and their ability to match. In other words, is it an inconvenience or a red flag? I put the rotation schedule for each school below if that helps. Thanks :) NYMC Internal...
  7. H

    Wayne State vs NYMC

    It seems Wayne & NYMC have similar qualities. In particular I am interested to get some feedback regarding the following: Clinical training Match list Average USMLE scores Research opportunities Here is some info about me: OOS Not sure what field I am interested in, but I don't want to rule...
  8. H

    Wayne State

  9. 0


  10. D

    Rutgers Medical scholars Vs. Touro MS Vs. NYMC Basic Medical sciences

    Hello all, I am having a hard time deciding on which SMP/Masters to attend. I graduated from uni with a 2.9 GPA overall, and a BCPM of 2.83, MCAT 509 (30) I have been accepted to all three, but am having trouble deciding what route would be best for me. Touro (middletown) has linkage to...
  11. H

    New York Medical College Interview

    Interviewed last Friday at NYMC and just wanted to see if anyone's heard anything! They said two weeks so it's still early, but just curious.
  12. E

    NYMC vs. AMC

    I would love some advice here.... I currently need to decide between New York Medical College and Albany Medical College. Any thoughts/advice? I like that AMC is a part of a large medical center, although the old facilities and less than stellar interview day concern me. NYMC seems to do a...
  13. reyneer

    Canadian applicant looking into post-bacc programs

    Hey SDN! I am a Canadian MSc. student who is applying to U.S. MD and DO schools this year. Given the disadvantage that Canadians face as out-of-state/international applicants to the U.S., I want to hedge my bets by applying to a post-bacc program. I've read about the linkages that some programs...
  14. M

    NYMC vs Western University Pomona

    So I have had the fortunate opportunity to be accepted to both programs. I live in California and my family currently lives here as well. I know that WesternU has a great reputation in California. As for NYMC, I have heard mixed reviews and cannot seem to find how well it is ranked. Am I going...
  15. P

    Do you need CASPer score to be sent in order to be complete?

    Hi all! So 3 schools I'm applying to require a CASPer score to be sent to the school. Does this mean you are not marked complete till the score is received? Does this not delay many people's applications since it takes approximately 1 month to process and score the CASPer test?
  16. P

    Do you need CASPer score to be sent in order to be complete?

    Hi all! So 3 schools I'm applying to require a CASPer score to be sent to the school. Does this mean you are not marked complete till the score is received? Does this not delay many people's applications since it takes approximately 1 month to process and score the CASPer test?
  17. D

    New York Medical College student/alum

    I was just accepted here and would like to speak with current students/alum about their experiences. Also those in/who have gone through psychiatry residency. You can post your thoughts and opinions here but I would love to speak directly as well. Thanks!
  18. ArdentMed

    MMI Done Right - Part I: Resources

    The multiple mini interview (MMI), for example, is often thought to be impossible to prepare for. I am here to tell you that practice makes perfect. This applies to everything in life. Whether it involves preparing for an organic chemistry test, preparing to give a speech in front of an...
  19. D

    NYMC vs VCU

    Both schools have similar size in terms of class, both are new environments for me and it looks like tuition is gonna be similar for both since I'm OOS and from what I've read Virginia has strict laws on how one can be re-classified as a Virginia resident. NYMC Pros Location - It's NY, which I...
  20. E

    NYMC vs. Quinnipiac

    I was recently accepted off of the waitlist at one of these schools, so I'm now holding 2 acceptances and I'm having trouble making a decision. I know Netter is a fairly new school with less name recognition (just accredited this past spring and only 1 match list), limited research (apparently...
  21. L

    NYMC Waitlist 2016-2017

    For anyone currently on the NYMC waitlist, feel free to post any waitlist movement, questions, comments or advice.
  22. BeerHelpsMeStudy

    NYMC vs Albany

    OOS for both. CT resident. Seemingly similar prestige/rank. Pros for NYMC -Match list, feels overall like a "better fit", has SLP masters program (girlfriend interested in), close to home (only 45 mins away from home - very important), on campus housing, close to Manhattan, connection with...
  23. snow529

    NYMC vs. Georgetown vs. UWisconsin (WL)

    NYMC Pros grew up 20 minutes away; family still in area; many friends in NYC (this is so important to me and is the main reason i keep wanting to choose NYMC) beautiful campus summer between 1st and 2nd year with funded research opportunities students seemed to really like the program and each...
  24. E

    Advice regarding re-applying and post-bac

    Hey all, I was hoping to get some advice regarding what I should do as an eventual re-applicant. Some background on myself: Degree granting college GPA:3.69 Degree granting college sGPA: 3.53 MCAT score: 498 (very low, I know :() Phys & Chem: 123, Biological: 123, Psych:124, CARS:128 4000+...
  25. sshidid

    NYMC Accelarated Masters Program vs Touro COM Masters

    Hi Guys! So I'm in a little bit of a dilemma. I got into both schools and I am hoping to do a 1 year MS program while applying to Medical School at the same time. GPA: 3.98, MCAT: 505. I went to a weak undergrad with a low graduation rate, high transfer rate, and pretty mediocre faculty----long...
  26. RogueBanana

    Should I Attend my Interview?

    Hello all, So I've been super fortunate to receive and acceptance at NYMC. NYMC was one of my top choices from the get go, I love the location and facilities, the diverse patient base, and how close it is to my family. The only reason I would consider UVM is if I would be given a significant...
  27. Newyawk

    transferring for clerkship years

  28. A

    NYMC Westchester Anesthesiology Residency (New York Medical College)

    Notes from interview day (2015-16 season): Overall: Strong program for residency training with a lot of exposure to sick patients--no obvious deficits. Impressive fellowship match list. Main turn off for most is likely the location/traveling. PROS: strong fellowship match (c/o 2016: ~80%...
  29. runningraindrop

    Choosing NYMC when interested in psychiatry

    Hey everyone, I tried posting this in the school specific thread but haven't had much luck so I'm posting here. I have to choose between EVMS and NYMC within the next couple of days so any information will be much appreciated. Can any current students at NYMC or anyone who is familiar with...
  30. BeerHelpsMeStudy

    Chances, 3.68/512, reapplicant

  31. T

    NYMC MPH Fall 2016

    Hi Everyone! I was recently accepted into the MPH - Health Policy and Management (certificate in Global Health) Program for Fall 2016 at NYMC! I thought it would be great to start a thread for future classmates to get to know each other and discuss any problems / concerns / preparations for the...
  32. Ezio

    Chances of getting into certain masters programs?

    Hi, I have finally made a decision about what to do after college and it went from applying to medical schools directly to applying for SMPs. I have found some places I would definitely go to including the few schools in the NYC area Touro Mt Sinai New York Medical College and some in Philly...
  33. K

    NYMC vs Creighton

  34. SSJimmer7

    Tulane vs. Rosalind Franklin vs. NYMC

    Hey all, I'm having trouble deciding between these three schools and I was hoping for some objective input from SDN. A little background on myself: I'm a former CA resident that currently lives in NYC with my SO. My SO will remain in NYC--she has a great job and can't afford to leave. I'm...
  35. P

    Pugs' MMI Interview Strategy

    In light of receiving an acceptance to NYMC recently, I decided to share the MMI strategy that I used in hopes that it can help you with your upcoming MMI interview. I created this strategy from reading over many different threads, posts, and websites to compile all of the things I thought were...
  36. C

    $49 CASPer prep course

    Used by McMaster, uOttawa, NYMC, and Rutgers, CASPer measures your professional maturity. While advertised as 'non-preppable' this is not strictly true, and the difference between those who understand the test and those who don't is obvious from the answers we've seen. There are many prep...