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Feb 20, 2003
    I hear you! I have been in NH for 5 years already and formed some roots here. But I am not sure I want to sign on for 4 more. Yale is a wonderful School and NH is a great place to live but P&S and Stanford also call. Tough choices need to be made in the next couple months.

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    Feb 24, 2004
      Originally posted by fabs82
      man people dont seem as excited as i thought... hopefully ill see some of you there.......


      fabs, i've been watching this post for a while and thinking the same thing... my guess (using a few assumptions which could just be a lot of SDN garbage) is that since the initial number accepted at Yale is supposedly 150 and the waitlist acceptances vary anywhere from 15 to 50, that means about half or over half of the initial acceptees end up going elsewhere.

      if you ask me... they're insane. but i can understand how they feel. i look at a lot of other schools and keep wondering, isn't that a better school? but then if i'm honest, i know that beyond the name or the ranking (which granted aren't necessarily inconsequential), i'd probably be miserable at those places. but it's hard to be honest with yourself and find the right school for you rather than the school everyone else says you should be going to.

      i think that happens a lot with people who are applying to all the top schools and getting in many of them. yale was one of the few schools i came away from thinking that it was a place where i'd actually enjoy studying medicine (especially since for a good part of my life, i never wanted to become a doctor). i think that a lot of people say the same thing, that they loved yale when they visited. but i don't think a lot of people say that before they visited. before interviewing, i myself never thought of yale as my "dream school."

      but i found it was one of the only schools, i didn't come away from thinking things like, "huh, everyone seemed on edge there." or "they kept on saying they went to the best school, but they didn't seem all that happy." or "do these guys party at the library for fun?" in fact the only real question i had at yale was "how do these guys make it seem like they're such slackers?" somehow i didn't think that it was actually possible to work hard but then also enjoy medical school.

      i've been out of college for a while and i realize that there are a lot more things i want to do with my life and also just a lot more things i want to do in medicine beyond get good grades, do well on the boards and impress people on the wards. that was college, and to be honest i was never impressed by it then either. i think going to yale really gives me a chance and the time to pursue these other interests.

      but it's hard not to give up on the hype, so i've left myself on other schools waitlists even though i know i won't be as happy there. but i've already thought it through and i'm pretty sure that even if i got off those lists, i wouldn't go to those schools (not to say that those schools aren't good for the right people). so don't worry, i'm definitely excited about yale. really excited. it's the only school that i think i really want to go to.

      see you in new haven.


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      Jul 25, 2003
      New Haven, CT

        I couldnt agree with you more....

        i wasnt even going to go to the interview because i 'knew' i wouldnt like it there and once i went, it became a dream school.

        i grew up (and still live) about 20 mins from New Haven so if you have any questions about the area feel free to PM me...

        Hope to see you at 2nd look (though i may have finals so i might not be able to go)

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