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Mar 3, 2021
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Disclaimer: I did not write this thread - it has been passed down through the eons by pre-allo staff.

It is that time of year again!
The AMCAS Application will be opening SOON! This is a place for all things AMCAS related so that we don't flood the first page. All threads created after this one will be merged into this thread. All previously created threads that are bumped will be re-directed here, and closed if bumped again.

Reminder: Each thread has a search function!! PLEASE use it!!.

Also, one of your first resources should be the source itself. Almost any basic question you have about AMCAS can be found by reading the AMCAS FAQ and the AMCAS instruction manual. Please try to find your answer before posting your question.

The AMCAS FAQ can be found here and the 2025 applicant guide can be found here.
This thread is brought to you by the Pre-Allopathic Volunteer Staff. Ask away, and good luck!!
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AMCAS FAQ from 2012 through 2024; please let us know if there are any changes. Will be continuously updated as new information is brought to light.

General Submission/Big Picture Questions

1. When does AMCAS open? How soon can I submit?

The AMCAS application opened on May 1st, 2024, and is able to be submitted on May 28th.

2. When can I start uploading my transcripts to AMCAS?
As soon as the application opens.

3. How should I organize my information in the Work and Activities Section?
The Pre-Allo staff has created a new thread that compiles some of the best bits of information and contains a FAQ for the Work and Activities section. That thread can be found here. Please post questions regarding this section into that thread.

4. What about Letters of Rec?
Funny you should ask. There is a thread for that too.

5. What should I include in my personal statement?

Wouldn't you know....there is a thread for that too. Check out the Official Personal Statement Reader Thread for some great advice.

6. How is AMCAS different from prior years?
Within the activities section, hours should now clearly be separated between completed and expected. Completed and Anticipated Hours

7. What is all of this about being a reapplicant?
AMCAS will only show you are a reapplicant to each of the individual schools you have applied to previously. No school at anytime during the AMCAS process can see if you have previously applied to any other school, nor can it see any other school your are currently applying to. No school except the individual school your are reapplying to can see any part of your previous AMCAS application, and only if they have kept it on file, which most schools do. AMCAS does not provide your previous application to any school, whether a reapplicant or not. Every MD school can see if you have been accepted previously at an MD school. While AMCAS guidelines do allow individual schools on their secondary applications to ask if you had ever previously applied to medical school, the question does not appear to be widely used. It is more common for individual schools to ask if you have ever been accepted previously matriculated at any medical school, which would include allopathic, osteopathic, or off-shore.

8. What parts of the AMCAS application can I change after submitting? If I change these things, will I have to wait longer?
You can add and assign LORs (Letters of Recommendation)

You can change your name, current address, and alternate names

You can add a future MCAT test date

Several other things that can be found here on the AMCAS official site.

No, you will not have to wait longer once you re-submit.

9. How long does it take to get verified after submitting?
It varies. Generally, the later you submit, the longer it takes. You can look at last year's verification times here.

10. When do secondaries come out?
This varies from school to school. If you are interested in a particular school, your best bet is to check out that school's specific thread in the "School Specific Discussions" forum.

11. What are some important dates that I should know?
May 1st, 2024 -- AMCAS Application Opens
May 28th, 2024 -- First Day to Submit AMCAS
June 28th, 2024 -- First Day Applications are Transmitted to Medical Schools
October 15th, 2024 -- First Day Acceptance Offers Can Be Made
April 15th, 2025 -- AMCAS Suggests Narrowing Down to 3 Acceptances by This Date
April 30th, 2025 -- Date By Which Applicants Must Hold Only One Acceptance

Transcript/Coursework Questions

12. What about transcripts in general? Tell me everything!

Once the AMCAS application opens in May, you will be given an AMCAS ID number. You are also then able to add schools (and the dates you attended those schools) into AMCAS. When you do this, you will be able to print a transcript sheet that contains your AMCAS ID number on it for each school. When you go to order your transcripts, have your school include this sheet with the transcripts to be sent.

12a. I know this was asked in question 3 above....but do I really really really have to include every transcript?
Yes, you MUST include transcripts from all colleges you have ever attended. You cannot send the transcripts yourself (as in, getting a copy into your hands, and then sending it to AMCAS); they have to come from the school directly to be considered official.

12b. Do I have to include the AMCAS sheet when sending in my transcripts? What happens if I don't?
You should really include this sheet; giving AMCAS any chance to lose your transcripts is a bad idea. However, I can tell you from personal experience that one of the 8 transcripts I had to send was done online, and I was unable to include the sheet. I gave instructions for them to write my AMCAS ID on the envelope, and it got there fine. But again....making more work for AMCAS employees or giving them an excuse to lose your stuff is never a good idea.

13. What about in-progress courses or courses I know I am going to take over the summer? What about Pre-reqs I am taking over the summer?
There is a chance for you to list all future courses on the AMCAS application. No, you can not update these grades later in AMCAS, but you CAN update individual schools later with these grades. This is actually a perfect opportunity for you to send an Update Letter to schools telling them again how much you love them and telling them what you've been up to.

14. I took a class at a community college while I was in high school. Do I still need to report that transcript?
Yes. If you don't, you are risking being found out and having a school revoke an acceptance.

15. My spring grades don't come out until May/June/July/Whatever. Should I wait until I get them to submit my application?
If you decide you want to apply as early as possible, your spring grades would not be on your transcript. This is a judgement call. If your spring grades matter a LOT (they contain 3 prereqs, all As, and this is the first time you've taken a full load), wait until they come in before you send your transcripts in.
If not (they result in a minimal impact to your GPA, have only 1 prereq, and don't show anything special), go ahead and submit and plan to send updates to schools. Sending them some good grades is a good reason to contact them later if you've had a lot of silence from them. You are at a greater advantage being early than having more grades that will barely impact your GPA.

I would also suggest "rushing" transcripts whenever possible. The peace of mind is worth the extra money.

Also, keep in mind; you can submit without transcripts. The problem is that you will not be verified without them.

16. Does AMCAS begin verifying my coursework once they receive my transcripts?
No. AMCAS only verifies coursework once you submit your application. AMCAS will send you an email notifying you of the date they receive your transcript and the school that sent it, but that doesn't mean that your coursework is being verified.

17. Do I need to send in my transcript again, even if I sent it in last year?
Yes. See here AMCAS® FAQs

18. Will medical schools notice that a class included a lab?
In addition to selecting the "Combined Lecture and Lab" radio button, it is recommended that you add "and Lab" to the end of the course name. Please see the applicant guide:

2024-25 Applicant Guide

If you disagree with a change that AMCAS made, then submit an "Academic Change Request" form found on the Main Menu of your AMCAS application, but be prepared to back up your claim.

20. Help! What do I do with my AP classes?
Read through the AMCAS instruction manual, particularly page 32. For additional information on specific schools that accept AP credit, see this thread.

21. How do repeat courses average into the AMCAS application?
Both classes will need to be listed when you enter your information into AMCAS, and they will both be used when calculating your final GPA. If you want, you can this of this as "averaging" the grade, with the full amount of credit being equal to both classes together. Example: 3 units of C, class is retaken for 3 units of A. The final calculation would be 6 units of B.

22. Can I have my school send in a digital copy of my transcript? What email address do I send it to?
AMCAS has started accepting eTranscripts from some institutions that have registered with them. Consult your pre-health advisement office to see if this is available for your school. Your registrar will still need to send the eTranscript directly to AMCAS (AMCAS does not accept transcripts via email from applicants).

This FAQ is a work in progress. Please feel free to make suggestions in this thread or via PM for its contents; both questions and answers.

If you think something should be added to the FAQ, you see something that needs to be updated, or for any other concerns, tag @chilly_md , @PapaGuava , @gyngyn , or @Moko, or @wysdoc in one of your posts (or PM us!). If you do this, it's a HUGE HUGE HUGE help if you post the link to your source in your post!

Thanks and best of luck everyone!

Link to last year's thread!

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Can I ask what happens to applications that dont get verified by the June 28th date?
Can I ask what happens to applications that dont get verified by the June 28th date?
Cheeky response: they get verified later.
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Mistake on Work and Activities Section with Dates

While prewriting UMiami's secondary application where we have to list the dates of work experience, I realized that on my primary application, the dates for a job that I worked at for three summers are off (I worked there from 2020-2022 but I accidentally put 2021-2023). Another problem with this is that the dates I put for 2023 overlapped with when I was at school for the summer in a different state, so it isn't even possible that I could have done both at the same time, which makes me look like I lied on the application. Am I completely screwed? Should I mention the discrepancy while filling out my UMiami secondary and contact the other schools I applied to as well or just hope they don't notice?

edit: this was non-clinical employment and its not really a big part of my application, but I'm still concerned about if this will make me look like I fabricated things on my application
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I accidentally put the wrong PI contact on one of my research activities, and my application has been verified and sent out already. Any recommendations on what to do? I'm thinking to just put the proper contact info into the secondaries "any additional info section".
I accidentally put the wrong PI contact on one of my research activities, and my application has been verified and sent out already. Any recommendations on what to do? I'm thinking to just put the proper contact info into the secondaries "any additional info section".
I moved your question to our main AMCAS questions thread. No, if the school that you matriculate to needs to contact the PI and is unable to do so, they’ll let you know later.