1. N

    OMFS externships

    I am currently a dental student trying to build my application with externships. There are no formal externship programs in my country, but I am getting in touch with my university OMFS professor and asking him if I can shadow him. Will this count as an externship? I am trying to do this during...
  2. N

    OMFS at University of Manitoba

    Is anyone here a current/past OMFS resident at U of Manitoba? I would really like to get in touch and get some help with my application. Thanks!
  3. N

    OMFS - alternatives?

    I am a UK dentist looking to move to Canada. I know my chances of getting admission into canadian OMFS programs is next to zero. I was wondering if people who cannot do the full scope of OMFS may be able to attend CE courses and be able to perform limited scope in oral surgery? I really want to...
  4. N

    OMFS externships

    I am an international BDS student from the UK, and I am planning to move to Canada after graduation and clear the NDEB. I definitely want to specialise and I am aware my journey towards becoming an OMFS is going to be almost impossible, but I want to to as many externships as I can and be the...
  5. N

    OMFS at UofT

    I am really looking forward to becoming an OMFS, that’s the reason I got into dentistry in the first place. Now I’m in third year and I almost feel like I’ll never make to to OMFS. I was wondering if an OMFS resident at UofToronto could help me navigate through this process? What activities or...
  6. UNCafDDS

    AF OMS externships - hands on or observation only?

    Can anybody comment on oral surgery externships at AF bases (Lackland, Travis), as far as extern responsibilities? I am especially wondering if an OMS externship at Lackland or Travis is mainly hands on or hands off? Can externs take/shadow call as well? Thanks for any input related to Air...
  7. P

    OMFS and Internships

    Hey all. I’m wondering approximately what percentage of people who match into a 4 year omfs residency have done an internship year (or multiple). Like most others, I would rather match into a program without spending the additional year doing the internship, but it seems like it is becoming very...
  8. P

    4-year OMFS programs

    Navy HPSP here! From my understanding the navy only allows FTOS to be 4-year programs. With externships being a little limited, I have little knowledge of quality 4-year programs. I am interested in orthognathics, trauma, implants, and everything in between. Can you guys help me out and list...
  9. bangity

    Virtual Reality in Medicine and Surgery (Free Educational VR360 Resources)

    Hi all, My name is Bang Quach. I am a 4th year Oral & Maxillofacial resident at University of Florida-Jacksonville. The VRiMS is a new training program for residents/trainees that utilize VR Headsets (360 videos) recorded using the Insta360 camera, using YouTube as a host, and viewed using the...
  10. math14320

    OMFS and Neurosurgery

    Hi, does anyone know if I can complete my OMFS residency and then do another residency on neurosurgery?
  11. OMaxFace

    Topics in OMFS Education

    Hello all - I pose this question to students, residents, providers, and anyone interested in OMFS. What are some subjects from the world of OMFS that tend to cause confusion and why? Consider topics in trauma, pathology, dentoalveolar, orthognathics, cleft/craniofacial, reconstruction, etc...
  12. D

    CBSE Study Materials

    I have read many posts and have a general idea on what materials to use. UFAPS including boards and beyond seems to be the general consensus. My questions is about the Q banks used, does anyone have experience with AMBOSS? I am debating if it is worth doing Uworld once and AMBOSS once, or just...
  13. C


    is the NBME CBSE exam that OMFS applicants take the same one the US MD Students take before the USMLE Step 1? If so, doesn't that skew the Scores?
  14. C

    Year 1 Dental Student going to Year 2 FULLY committed to OMFS

    Hi All! I hope you all are doing well, and are safe! :) I'm finishing D1, and my Dental School (North American School) has notified me that the upcoming D2 First Term (sept-dec) will 100% be online. I am 100000% interested and committed to OMFS, and was wondering what can I do in the meantime...
  15. D

    Public Service Loan Forgiveness while at hospital for 10yrs?

    Hey everyone, I'm just curious how true this is, but I heard this both from someone who was externing and an attending at a program (both for OMFS) that you could work for a non-for profit hospital for 10yrs and make minimal loan payments and get your loans forgive (federal loans only) -...
  16. F

    OMFS Internship Opportunities - POST HERE ONLY

    I know this time of year, everyone is trying to figure out exactly how they want to fill out their rank list, but I just want to take the time to post a little about my experiences at my OMFS internship so that those of you not fortunate enough to MATCH will be aware of the opportunities...
  17. P


    Hey guys, I'm a D3 exploring oral surgery and will take the CBSE in August 2020. I plan on applying in the FY21 cycle ending in May 2021, which is my graduation month. I understand that I cannot start residency until the next year after getting accepted. Is there anyway I can apply for a...
  18. N

    Stanford Dental Medicine and Surgery Fellowship 2020-21

    Great opportunity for those looking into OMFS and did not match this year. You will have an opportunity to work with multiple oral surgeons and hospital dentists.
  19. PhansterZ

    OMS Residency AMA 2020

    Haven’t done one of these in a while. I’m enrolled in a 6-year combined MD-OMS residency program. On my anesthesia rotation, so I have a lot of free time. Ask me anything! Here’s a link to the previous AMA I did 2 years ago.
  20. D

    CBSE vs UWorld (posted in the wrong subgroup I think..?)

    Posted this in the "Dental Residents" subthread, but am not sure if that was the right place to do so. Wanted to get some friendly convo going so figured I'd post it on this subthread as well! Hey everyone! So were about 3 months out from the CBSE, and I just had a few questions with regards...
  21. D

    CBSE vs UWorld

    Hey everyone! So were about 3 months out from the CBSE, and I just had a few questions with regards to UWorld vs CBSE. Just curious, but for those that broke 70 on CBSE, what percentages were you getting on random UWorld blocks? I'm just curious if those correlate at all as a way to judge how...
  22. rebelais

    ***Official - University of Illinois Chicago (UIC) OMFS Residency***

    University of Illinois Chicago (UIC) OMFS Tracks: 6-year MD/DMD (1 position) 4-year DMD Track (2 positions) 1-year Internships (4 positions; includes 1 position at Northwestern Hospital) Department Chair: Michael Miloro MD, DMD, FACS Program Director: Michael Han DMD, FACS Full-Time...
  23. docdew

    OMFS residency - Spectrum of program intensity/rigor?

    I am looking to get more of an idea about the spectrum of intensity/rigor of the existing OMFS residency programs out there. As a dental student, you hear things about the various reputations of these programs, but the info seems to be pretty limited and difficult to come by. For example, I've...
  24. D

    How do I apply for an OMFS internship/non-categorical position?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering how to go about applying for an OMFS internship/non-categorical position. Can anyone explain the process? Should I contact/send my application before or on match day? Should my application be mailed or emailed? Should I fill out a PASS application? What documents...
  25. D

    How do I apply for an OMFS internship/non-categorical position?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering how to go about applying for an OMFS internship/non-categorical position. Can anyone explain the process? Should I contact/send my application before or on match day? Should my application be mailed or emailed? Should I fill out a PASS application? What documents...
  26. A

    Better route for Oral Surgery application: Retake CBSE or Internship after dental school?

    To all my fellow Oral & Maxillofacial maniacs (students, residents, practicing doctors) Main question: If you do poorly on your CBSE and don’t get in first time appplying, would you be more competitive if you do an internship after dental school or if you retake the CBSE and aim for a 70+...
  27. Cito

    Studying during the last few weeks before CBSE

    So I have an externship next week for 1 week so I'm a bit limited there with studying time during the day; however, the next test date is August 17th. I have a total of 1830 questions left on Uworld but since I'm focusing on higher yield sections like pathophys, micro, path, immuno, anatomy...
  28. V

    Uworld frustrations

    I’m near the completion (about 300 left) of uworld on 1st. I’m a dental student taking cbse in August for omfs. Very frustrated my scores a still kinda of scattered some day I’m getting 70s other times 50s and just now finished a block with 47%. I’m doing them random and test mode. Anybody...
  29. D

    Question on Externing OMFS

    Hey everyone, Quick question on OMFS externing. Does it look bad to some programs if you were to do all your externships in 1 city? Would the programs assume that, because you did all externships in city X that you will rank all the programs above theirs, causing them to not rank you as high...
  30. D

    Non-Categorical Position open for Detroit Medical Center OMFS Program

    Hello everyone, The Detroit Medical Center OMFS program is seeking one additional non-categorical resident for this coming program year (beginning July 2019) Please email [email protected] for further information and any questions you may have. Thank you
  31. L

    Should I keep trying for OMFS?

    I know asking this question is like beating a dead horse, but hey, where else will I get a straight forward answer? Currently a D2, at a state school (if that matters), and trying to see if I should keep putting the effort in towards getting into either a 4 or 6 yr OMFS program. I know the first...
  32. D

    Craniofacial abnormalities (Cleft Lip and Palate) OMFS Interest - question

    Hey everyone, So I have gotten more and more involved with a club that works with kids who suffer from cleft lip and palate and have fallen in love with wanting to help these kids. My question is if doing the 6-year OMFS route is truly necessary in order to get into this field. Is it even...
  33. chomuballer

    OMFS chances.

    Hi all, New member here. Currently entering D3 year. I took my CBSE in Feb, scored a 65, my class rank is among the top 5% in the class. What are my chances (considering a 3.1 undergrad GPA) for 4 or 6 year programs? Another question I have is, how do they calculate your undergrad GPA, is it...
  34. D

    4 vs 6 year Resume Differences?

    Hey everyone! Quick question. So I met up today with the faculty in our oral surgery department, and they informed me that: 6-Year programs: CBSE and grades and externships are all that really matter -Research and volunteering is basically irrelevant. It is better to do well on the CBSE and...
  35. D

    OMFS Externship Questions

    Hey guys! D1 here and am seriously considering the OMFS route. 2 quick questions on the externship process: If there is a school/city I know I want to end up in, should I externship there closer to the application cycle? Or does it not matter when I do it. The reason I ask is because I plan on...
  36. T


    Hey tooth-lovers— I wanted your honest opinion on what dental specialty has the best lifestyle to income ratio out of ENDO, PEDO, ORTHO, and OMFS. This factors in income as a specialist, time with family during specialty training and after, and the foreseeable future of the program. So let’s...
  37. lagbydesign

    OMFS vs PRS/ENT (Duty Hours)

    These specialties are often compared for their similar scope of practice. One thing that I really haven't seen is a discussion on the effects that duty hours has on training to be a surgeon of the head and neck. Does the presence (or lack thereof) of duty hours make a difference in competency at...
  38. H

    Best Externships for OMFS dreamers 2019!

    Hey fellow OMFS dreamers, the 2019 application cycle is almost upon us. Could people list best externships to check out before application cycle opens up !
  39. D

    Mentor ship for OMFS

  40. T

    2019 Residents in the Los Angeles area

    Hey everyone! Just thought I'd start a thread for anyone moving to the Los Angeles for residency this summer as an opportunity to meet people before we all get there. Feel free to post to which program you will be attending below, when you start, and where you're from.