One-Year MPH Suggestions During Gap Year

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Hello everyone,

I'm Isomorphic and I'm currently a fourth-year undegraduate student at the University of Miami. A bit of background about myself, I'm currently majoring in Biochemistry and Mathematics while minoring in Chemistry, Microbiology, and Public Health. I plan on taking the MCAT as opposed to the GRE as some point in early 2020 (January preferably), and have maintained a relatively competitive GPA for most MPH Programs (greater than a 3.5). I have receieved either an A+ or A in all of the Public Health courses I have taken so far. My schools primary Pre-Health Advisor, Dr. Michael Gaines, recommended that I do a MPH during my Gap Year to help strengthen my application while allowing me to pursue something that I am very passionate about. I do not have any major experiences in the field, but have done some local work around my university campus to raise awareness about certain issues like Vaping during NPHW. With all this in mind, I do hope to gain some international experience as well (as I have some relevant experience with clinical community service in some Asian countries). What are the most competitive MPH programs that I should aim to apply to? I would ideally like to matriculate to medical school in Fall 2021, so competitive programs that can be completed within a year or year and a half (if you include summer) would be most favorable to me. Any and all advice would be grealy appreciated.



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You have a math degree so go for an MS in biostat at UF or big names like harvard, unc, duke, if you're willing to go out of state. A real biostat degree will serve you better in med school than an MPH and you can take a few public health courses with electives probably. There is a huge difference in quality of research done by people with biostat degrees vs mph.
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