Technology Oneplus Two versus LG G4

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Dec 17, 2001
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Anyone else been tracking the Oneplus Two? It is just about time to replace my S4. The newly introduced oneplus two looks pretty good spec wise but I am going to have to try to find an invite and then decide to buy it sight unseen. Anyone have a oneplus one and can tell me how they like the oxygen OS skin on Android? Hard to beat a $389 64GB 5.5 in phone with 4GB of RAM. A little worried about the snapdragon 810 processor and the reported overheat issues for the chip initially, but I am not sure I wanted to put up 700 for an S6 with the Exynos processors. tmobile has a G4 for <$500 at the moment but that is with a hexacore 808 chip.

If you want to get on the reservation list, if you use my link I move up as well.
You don't need to buy one if the invite comes, but they are only good for a short time after you get one.

Any thoughts or experiences? I hate feeling like I got the wrong phone, but am too cheap to keep switching phones too. It is probably between this oneplus two and the G4. My samsung S4 is starting to struggle a little, but I can hold out for probably another 6 mo if everyone thinks waiting for the nexus is the way to go.

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Hard to beat a $389 64GB 5.5 in phone with 4GB of RAM.
Wow, that's definitely a good value, all else being equal (reliability, stability).

I'm an HTC fanboy still hanging with my One M7. And my workplace is loaning me an S5 for call. I'm holding off for Android M with all the new privacy features (finally!) like what accidentally got released in Android 4.3 Jellybean (which I've kept my HTC One M7 on so I could use App Ops Launcher to disable permissions per app). I'm holding off for the next Nexus tablets and curious to see the next Nexus phone this fall.

Sorry can't truly answer your question. No idea on Oneplus vs. LG. Is Oneplus a Chinese manufacturer a la Huawei?