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Aug 19, 2014
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You have to mark online classes as such on your AMCAS. And in some instances it will matter. For instance, some schools won't accept prereqs taken online.
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It shouldn't be a problem. I know someone who is in an MD school now who took genetics online, and actually advised me to take it online. If it fits the schedule, do it.
Hello all,

A friend of mine wants to take a genetics class (with no lab) online. The website says this:

What does an ODL class look like on my transcript?
It will look like any other class you might take through the University of Minnesota.
Most classes taken through the PSEO program must be graded on an A-F basis and will list a
grade, credit amount, classes taken, and show that you took the classes through PSEO within
the College of Continuing Education.

Do you think it will matter to the schools that it was taken online? and I don't think it will show on the transcript that it is online so would the AAMC ask if it's online or not?

Thank you,

You just put whatever's on your transcript.

I had 1 online bio course, but listed it as any other coursework on my transcript. I didn't need to specify it as online.

If the coursework came from an "online university", of course they will know that the coursework was done online when you specify which school the coursework came from.
At my school, there's no indication that a class was taken online on your transcript. It's just scored as any other class.
Yeah, my transcript doesn't specify if the class was online or not. I am pretty sure schools can't tell...? I don't care if they can, I'm just saying though.
I guess it won't really matter since it's just an additional class to strengthen her knowledge in genetics. It's not a prerequisite so it should be fine.

Thank you everyone