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Oct 5, 2017
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Hi all! I am new on here so I am sorry if this isn't exactly how you're supposed to do things. I have a few questions about online courses and how they will be perceived by medical schools.

I am planning on taking two online courses over the summer from UC Berkley. I want to take microbiology and biostatistics. I don't want to take them for credit. I just want to take them to say that I took them because I know that these are both courses that many med schools list as recommended. I took quantitative methods which is a stats course at my college and it is required for my major. Since I took this course, I was not allowed to take a traditional stats course, but I am nervous that some med schools will not count it as a stats course. I also had two internships that were heavy in data analysis, so I used a lot of stats for that (idk if that counts for anything.) Microbiology will not fit into my schedule before I submit my application to med schools. So I have a few questions based on this:

-If I submit my applications in June 2017 and I take the courses Summer 2017, can I send my certificates of competition for theses courses to med schools to be considered as part of my application?

- Do you think it is necessary to take biostatistics or am I ok?

-How will it look if I take microbiology online over the summer? Will it look like I took it over the summer because I thought I wasn't going to do well? Will they say I should have planned out my schedule better? Will they look at it and say she just took this course to make her application better and be annoyed with that? (you know how they say application officers look at your resume and write off things that you clearly did just to put on your resume)

-Do you have any suggestions of a place that might be better to take courses from?

-Unrelated to online courses, but do they count the courses you are planning to take your senior year as completing the recommended course work?

I want to make sure that if I take this courses that they will only help me, and if I'm paying a lot of money for them I want to make sure they are completely necessary. Thank you in advance for your help!