1. A

    BCPM math course

    Hello, Im taking a math course called symbolic logic (philosophy-240) and it fulfills the math requirement at my University. Will this count in the BCPM gpa since it is technically a math class?
  2. scarlettsky

    help GPA: 3.34 no volunteering experience, Middle Eastern

    Can anyone provide me with advice on my situation? I'm a Pre-Med bio major and am going to enter my 4th year undergrad this fall. I did fairly well in my first few semesters but due to personal responsibilities and being overwhelmed with taking too many credits, my grades suffered...
  3. B

    DO Letter of Recommendation Requirement

    After reading through the Letter Requirements for many DO schools, I've noticed that some of them point out that they require at least two letters of Recommendation: either 2 from science professors and 1 from a physician, or a committee letter and a physician. The DO I shadowed sent his letter...
  4. squirrelnutkin

    Microbiology Lecture/Lab Requirements

    Hi everyone, Hoping someone out there will have some insight into this situation. At my undergrad, bio majors were required to take an advanced senior lab. My lab was Microbiology. On my transcript, the course is named Microbiology Lab. It was a 3-credit course w/ 1 hour lecture and 5 hours...
  5. E

    Georgia shadowing requirement?

    I'm going to be an in-state applicant in Georgia for this upcoming cycle and I've heard that they only seriously consider applications with at least 300 shadowing hours. Can anyone here confirm that?
  6. C

    2018 - SGU Clinical Selection for Texas Residency

    My wife is currently in term 5 and is finalizing clinical rotation selections. From what I’ve read Texas has specific ACGME clinical requirements for obtaining residency in Texas. My question is how are we to choose an affiliated hospital if not ALL rotations are ACGME accredited for one single...
  7. Piglet2020

    Do I need my undergrad books in med school?

    I’m matriculating next yr and I want to sell all of my textbooks (orgo, gen chem, physics, bio, etc). I shouldn’t need these in med school right? Just want to make sure before I sell/give them all away. I barely use these textbooks for reference anyways (never used them for MCAT prep either).
  8. Cluubias2

    Dental School Statistics

    Hello SDN! I've completed a spreadsheet that contains every major information about every US school. The excel contains a dropdown under each column that allows you to organize the data. For example, if you want to rate schools based on average accepted science GPA, select the drop down under...
  9. M

    Online Classes Questions

    Hi all! I am new on here so I am sorry if this isn't exactly how you're supposed to do things. I have a few questions about online courses and how they will be perceived by medical schools. I am planning on taking two online courses over the summer from UC Berkley. I want to take microbiology...
  10. spidermonkeyMD

    Foreign undergrad with DIY post bacc

    Is there anyone here who can share their experience or story of having a foreign undergrad (no US mater's or phD) and completed DIY post bacc at CC and/or 4-year university eventually getting accepted to US med school? I've read threads of foreign undergrads doing formal post bacc but I don't...
  11. L

    Pre-med program for a career changer in the Bay area

    Hello everyone, This type of question has been asked many times on this forum. However, I would like to narrow it down to my situations. I am looking for a Pre-med program to take prerequisite science courses as a career changer. At the moment I am working full time. So I'd rather take evening...
  12. M

    Disability Insurance

    So my university requires disability insurance to start classes... any recommendations?
  13. P

    UCI Premed, unsure if Scientific Writing counts towards English requirement

  14. A

    Are PharmD students required to give vaccines or be trained?

    Today I went to get the TB skin test as it is a requirement for the PharmD program I'm starting in the fall. I had a pretty bad vasovagal reaction after seeing the needle and being poked. I couldn't stand straight up or understand what anyone was saying. They told me my face was pale and I...
  15. M

    Does a PharmD Fulfill a Bachelor's Reqirement?

    Hello Everyone, It seems like every single Osteopathic school has an explicit requirement of a bachelor's degree before matriculation. This contrasts many MD schools having a requirement of 90 credit hours for matriculation. I am a PharmD student (no bachelor's) and will be applying in a...
  16. N

    Why is physics a requirement?

    This post may be controversial, but I'm hoping someone with knowledge of the medical school inner world can answer. Why are two semesters of physics required? I feel like anything medically relevant in physics can be learned on the fly in medical school and undergraduates would be better...
  17. P

    Do I have to take the TOEFL?

    I was wondering if I absolutely have to take the toefl? English is my second language. However, it's practically the only language I speak now. I came here when I was 8-9 years old. Since, I have used English as my primary language. It has come to my attention that some dental schools require...
  18. N

    Are there any schools that require calc-based physics?

    Was planning on taking algebra-based physics due to it being more similar to the MCAT content, but has anyone actually come across schools that require calc-based physics?
  19. J

    Chances of Getting In??

    Hey everyone. I was wondering if you guys could be frank about whether I have a shot of getting into vet school. 21 years old, male, California resident Degree: Will graduate in 2017 with B.S. in Animal Science, University of Minnesota – Twin Cities Cum GPA: 3.337 Last 45 GPA: 3.306...
  20. toro2013

    Microbiology-Upper Level or Lower Level?

    So, I see a lot of schools require Microbiology, however, how do I know if a lower level introduction to Microbiology will meet the requirements. Does anyone have a list of schools that will take a 2000 level microbiology course?
  21. Samin23

    Is Research required?

    Hello all, I'm currently in my 4th semester of undergraduate, and I've begun looking into various research opportunities. I have found a few that interest me, but I'm not sure if I'd be able to handle the work load of research along with other ECs. I spend my off-time volunteering at a local...
  22. NurseCapitanKirk

    ACOM medical equipment package

    So I have been accepted to multiple college and still have a couple interviews to attend but I am most closely looking at attending ACOM. That being said, I just received information regarding the required medical equipment package. If anyone attends ACOM, is this package actually required and...
  23. Govols22

    Which schools requires community service experience the most when looking for applicants?

    We know that having legitimate research experience is essentially a requirement for most Top 20 medical schools, but what are some examples of schools that require extensive volunteer service? Yes, all schools want volunteer service, but which schools will be incredibly difficult to get into if...
  24. N

    Help Me With My Decision Please!!!

    I am going into my last semester of undergrad. I would say that I will be graduating conservatively with a cumulative GPA of about a 3.5 with a science GPA of about a 3.1. I am deciding whether I should take my last pre req for a DO school (Physics) or PA school (Anatomy). I have reasonabley...
  25. I

    English Requirement Question

    Hi everyone, I'm pretty new on SDN and I had a question that I hope you all could answer for me. I'm currently a pre-med student at UCSB planning ahead for applying to medical school in 2017. I've seen that a lot of schools require a year of English Composition and AMCAS even states that: "At a...