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  1. Mr.Smile12

    HPSA Treating Trans Patients online course

    To let everyone know, HPSA has developed a free Google class with resources focused on Treating Transgender Patients (which requires compatible email registration). The content is available beginning on May 31, 2022 (8:00 am ET). Feel free to message me for any feedback, and share with others...
  2. Jisu Oh

    Portage Learning General Chemistry I (Chem 103)

    I've started my journey for fulfilling Pharmacy pre-requisites with Portage Learning. I've asked the pharmacy schools that I am interested in attending about portage learning and they accept to credits! So far, portage learning is the most cost effective option I found regarding online...
  3. Supermanwife

    Kaplan course in one month?!

    Hello, Has anyone completed the online Kaplan review course in a month? Like during winter break.. How did it go for you?? Did anyone see an increase from 490s to 500s, or 500s-510s, basically a 10 point increase? Is that a stretch? lol P.S. I'd prefer opinions on how it worked for you and not...
  4. N

    Which NBDE online course prep is better?

    B&B dental or pass the dental boards? Both are online and the price almost the same. Thank you in advance.
  5. D

    I need help choosing OCHEM class!

    Hello, I read several posts here about taking ochem online, but most comments seem confusing for me! I’ve to take it online bc I can’t take it on campus next semester for many reasons plus I want to take it now (during summer) because I don’t have anything else to worry about and I’ll spend...
  6. stardocscream

    Taking UC Berkeley Extension Genetics - Any way to study for the final well?

    Hello. I'm currently taking the UC Berkeley Extension Genetics course under Professor Placyk. I'll be getting ready to take my final soon...and I'm frankly a bit lost. As you guys know, genetics is a very large subject and I'm frankly feeling a bit overwhelmed, especially since you have to...
  7. N

    Online Genetics Courses

    Hello SDN, I know this question has been asked before, but I wanted to see if I could get any other responses...what are some good (i.e., comprehensive but relatively easy) online undergraduate genetics courses that can be taken during the summer? I am specifically looking for courses that start...
  8. H

    For Sale Kaplan and Princeton Online Courses + Unused Practice!!

    I'm selling 2 online courses: Kaplan Live Course- $1000 Princeton Live Course- $1000 The practice questions, videos, and exams are unused. You can watch the lectures and take the class. I paid for both of these courses but ended up not using them. They were both $2000+. If you want the books, I...
  9. M

    Online Classes Questions

    Hi all! I am new on here so I am sorry if this isn't exactly how you're supposed to do things. I have a few questions about online courses and how they will be perceived by medical schools. I am planning on taking two online courses over the summer from UC Berkley. I want to take microbiology...
  10. R

    LOOKING FOR Current RxPrep 2018 Online Course Access!!

    Hello! Wanting to buy the RxPrep Online Course videos and test bank. TIA!
  11. C

    For Sale Kaplan and AAMC Study Material

    Hey everyone! I took the MCAT in March, and still have 2 month left on my Kaplan account. I have an MCAT Foundations of Biochemistry Self-Paced course (sold on Kaplan for $499) I also have the books from my in-person class (3rd edition), all the books that are untouched, besides the lesson...
  12. T

    For Sale Princeton Review MCAT 2017 Self Prep Course + Books

    Bought TPR's online course in April only to find out 2 weeks later that I was accepted! The account does not expire until January 2018. The books are BRAND NEW and the workbooks UNTOUCHED. Selling Online course and books for cheaper than what I paid for. Comes with: ALL BRAND NEW 1st...
  13. FCMike11

    Review for Colorado State Principles of Biochemistry

    Colorado State University (CSU) Principles of Biochemistry (BC351)- BC 351 | Principles of Biochemistry - CSU Online I took this course the fall of 2015. Enough people have asked me about the course so I thought I would do this write up. I am a non-traditional student who took my pre-reqs...
  14. A

    Where can I get a 1-credit Physiology lab?

    Hey guys!!!! One of the dpt schools requires me to take Physiology Lab by Spring, 2017 in order to keep reviewing my application :( I have taken a 4 credit physiology course in my undergrad program but it was lecture and problem solving involved, no lab. I am currently out of the country for...
  15. A

    1-credit Physiology lab? Can it be taken online?

    Hey guys!!!! One of the dpt schools requires me to take Physiology Lab by Spring, 2017 in order to keep reviewing my application :( I have taken a 4 credit physiology course in my undergrad program but it was lecture and problem solving involved, no lab. I am currently out of the country for...
  16. LindaAccepted

    Medical Review of the Next Step Test Prep Online MCAT Course

    After organizing and leading an MCAT summer prep program for five years with the UC Davis School of Medicine Postbaccalaureate Program, I worked with Kaplan and Princeton Review extensively. Those two companies were our best MCAT prep options at the time. The Berkeley Review wasn’t able to...
  17. Dhudez

    Taking A Couple of Pre Reqs Online?

    Hey Everyone, I am thinking about taking Physics 1 online at a CC. The final exam is proctored on campus, and I would take the lab portion at my university. Would this look bad to dental schools? Also how would dental schools know I took this class online? I looked at my transcript, and it...
  18. MissSuccess

    Organic Chemistry 2 Online through UNE?

    Hello everyone! I am wondering if anyone has taken Orgo 2 online through the University of New England. What would you suggest or recommend as preparation for the exams and labs? Thanks!
  19. I

    Online course in IGRT

    All residents in Radiation Oncology are invited to try out our free online course: Image Guided Radiation Oncology - Principles and Practice on www.igrtonline.com. This course is completely free and has been created in the Department of Radiation Oncology at Tata Medical Center, Kolkata, India...