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Jun 8, 2017
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Hello! I am a second-year biology major at a LAC in NC graduating in 3 years total (dual enrollment in high school). I will be taking my MCAT in early 2022 before I graduate in May 2022. Because of this, I have been arranging my MCAT prep schedule and have discovered an issue taking psychology and sociology in time.

My main question is would it reflect negatively on my application if I completed psychology online over the summer through my University’s online education program? My last 36 credits must be from my institution, so I am limited to either main campus courses or their online education program. I do not want to remain on campus for the summer just for a social science course. Instead, I would rather be in the hospital or taking a research internship if given the opportunity.

So would one online social science really make the difference on my application even if its not 100% related to COVID?

UNC's website says "On-line courses will only be considered if your institution is unable to offer you a place in a seated class."

It should be noted that I have a 4.0 GPA with 91 credits completed and substantial research with other experiences outside of academics. Additionally, my school has remained in person since August 2020. I did take online language courses last summer because of my clinical plans being impacted. My past mission trip to Brazil inspired me to take Portuguese which is not offered at my institution.

I would rather be sure of my decision than proceed without caution. I have been unable to find much information on this topic. I know this sounds silly stressing over it, but the grey area in online coursework is alarming.

Thank you for the help!

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Apr 25, 2019
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Neither psychology nor sociology are med school prereqs- thus, taking them online will not negatively affect your application. You don't even need to take them for the MCAT as they're pretty easy to self study.

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