1. W

    Accepted UNC Applicants 2021-2022

    This group is for accepted students to ask questions and interact without causing a heart attack/panic to all of those in the normal thread.
  2. P

    Yale Health Policy MPH or UNC Global Health MPH

    Hi everyone! I have been accepted into both Yale and UNC for the 2 year MPH programs beginning in fall of 2022 and would love some input while deciding which to attend. On the one hand, UNC is better ranked (#2) and well known within public health, especially for its global health work, which...
  3. futureorthodr

    Online Social Science Prerequisites

    Hello! I am a second-year biology major at a LAC in NC graduating in 3 years total (dual enrollment in high school). I will be taking my MCAT in early 2022 before I graduate in May 2022. Because of this, I have been arranging my MCAT prep schedule and have discovered an issue taking psychology...
  4. G

    Anyone got into UNC or ECU dental with a low gpa (<3.4)?

    Any stories and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  5. T

    What are my chances?

  6. A


  7. M

    Harvard (MD-PhD affiliate) vs UNC (MSTP) - non-trad PhD field

    First off, I'm extremely lucky to be in this position. But I'd be lying if I didn't say that this hellish application cycle is ending with a pretty tough choice. I've gone through this application cycle interviewing for both MSTP and MD-only programs. I want to pursue doctoral work in a...
  8. medshousing

    Renting UNC and DUKE! fabulous residential community for familie! easy access to hospitals

    www.MedsHousing.com Stay in a safe gated community near all the amenities Ideal for families. Pool, playground tennis etc. Walk to SouthPoint Mall Durham, North Carolina-2Bed/2Bath Apartment – All Utilities – Fully Furnished $2,000/Month 1400 Laurel Springs Drive, Durham, NC, United States...
  9. W

    Chances for 2024 Cycle

    So I applied in late August for the 2023 cycle to the following schools: UNC ECU NYU BU Tufts LECOM My stats were a 3.13 overall GPA 2.67 science gpa DAT: 22AA, 20TS, 21 PAT, 25 RC I have strong leadership from sorority president and worked multiple jobs through college. about 150 dental...
  10. GDTBATH16

    UNC MED Summer Program 2019

    Did anyone apply to this year's application cycle? Feel free to post information or questions y'all have.
  11. T

    UNC (IS) vs. Harvard

    I recently got accepted to UNC and Harvard, and am rather conflicted on which one to choose. I intend to specialize upon graduating dental school, and hope to explore academia if possible. With both schools having exceptional programs and unique strengths, I am having trouble choosing one over...
  12. D

    Poll: UNC vs University of Michigan vs UCSF?

    Hi all, I have been fortunate to have been accepted into UNC and University of Michigan. Both schools are out of state so tuition is both 40k/year for me. Both are very well known for pharmacy. If you were me, which school would you pick and why?
  13. D

    UNC Pharmacy Class of 2022 Applicants

    Hello all, I haven't seen this thread on here yet for the entering class of 2018 but know that this is a common thread from previous years. Is anyone else out there biting their nails and dying to know if anyone else has heard back from UNC in regards to interviews?
  14. Football823

    Am I competitive for UNC?

    Hi I was wondering if I would be competitive enough for UNC. I am a PA resident. Major: Biochemistry Minor: Finance GPA:3.88 sGPA:3.82 AA: 24 TS:26 BIO: 25 GQ:24 OC:30 RC:21 QR:19 PAT:20 My extra-curricular activities are nothing very special (intramurals, clubs) -I have been working as a...
  15. D

    2018 University of Northern Colorado Masters in Biomedical Sciences C/O 2018

    I am pre-dental and was recently accepted into the University of Northern Colorado Masters in Biomedical sciences, but I was also accepted to other programs. I was wondering if anyone had any information on the program like how many people get accepted to professional schools afterwards? Did...
  16. miniman

    Anyone going to UNC-Charlotte this year? (Undergrad) (Fall 2017)

    Hi! I realized that UNC-Charlotte and Charlotte area is not stocked full of Pre-meds, or at least I haven't run into that many. So, I was wondering if anyone interested in Pre-med was going to UNC-Charlotte this fall semester. If so, what has your experience been like at UNC? Also, is there...
  17. O

    UNC vs Penn st?

    Conflicting dates, both lower on my list, I know nothing about either program or location (though wife says NC > PA). Anyone have any thoughts or experiences with these programs?
  18. C

    What are my chances for these two schools/advice

    I applied back in July and have gotten denials from Wake Forest, VCU, Tulane, and George Washington. My main focuses are UNC (doubtful) and Brody School of Medicine (ECU), and I have heard from neither. GPA: 3.609 Science: 3.4 (excluding nutrition courses and with C+ in Anatomy) MCAT: 499...
  19. B

    NC State [NCSU] Masters of Physiology 2017

    I'm applying to the MR of Physiology program at NCSU in Fall of 2017. If you were accepted, what were your stats like? What's is the lowest uGPA that you've heard was accepted?
  20. A

    Aspiring Anesthesiologist/ Med Student

    Hello! I'm currently a High School sophomore, and I know for a fact that going into the medical field is the career path I would like to take. At the moment, Anesthesiology has caught my eye, however that isn't quite as important as actually getting into a medical college is. I am in my second...
  21. D

    UNC v. Texas A&M

    I've narrowed it down to two schools, but could use some advice on what may or may not be better based on the experience of others. I loved both schools and they were my top choices after interviewing! That's why it is such a hard choice...I'll list what I see as pro's and con's to both schools...
  22. I

    My Stats / DAT / Chance to Dental School

    Hey so I just wrote the DAT and I wanted to get you guys opinion on my application and where I stand on my chances on getting getting into dental school. DAT: 19AA, 18TS, 20GC, 20OG, 17BIO, 19RC, 18QR, 19PAT. GPA: 3.65 (Biomedical Engineering) Science GPA: 3.4 Shadowing: 200+ Volunteering...
  23. S

    The All-Encompassing, "What are my chances" thread!

    Hey everyone, I am an undergraduate student pursuing my degree in Health Management online through Northeastern University. I would like to one day get my MPH in Health Policy and Management, but since I'm taking my classes online I'm confused about what I'll do about my letters of...
  24. LetsGetPhysical

    North Carolina DPT interviews (UNC, Duke, Elon, ECU, WSSU)

    Hello All, I want to start a thread directed specifically towards communicating about interview offers and dates for the programs to which I have applied. UNC, Elon, Duke, ECU, and Winston-Salem State. Has anyone received interview invitations to any of these programs? Thank you!
  25. P

    UNC vs. USC??

    Hi, I am applying to both UNC and USC (Southern California) this cycle and I was wondering what the pros and cons were for both schools! I've currently received admission at USC but I've heard some things about the school that's keeping me from committing... I've read a lot about how awful the...
  26. Possum737

    Current UNC dental students! Help! Odds of getting into UNC Class of 2020?

    I apologize in advance for this very long post. I also apologize in advance if any of you guys feel that my question has already been answered elsewhere. I have read all relevant posts and I still feel that I need help gauging my odds. I would GREATLY appreciate it if any current or recently...
  27. W

    Interview at UNC

    Does anyone interviewed at UNC yet? Are there questions regarding NC dental care or lack of dentists? Are there questions that surprised you?
  28. C

    Chances for UNC Admission?

    Hey guys, Based on any previous experience, what are my chances for UNC? Both my AADSAS and Supplemental were submitted Oct 4th. I submitted my application late and only applied to UNC so I can remain close to home (for personal reasons I explained in my personal statement). I currently attend...
  29. Possum737

    Applying really late... Any chance of acceptance?

    I have had some major plan setbacks and I have been unable to take the DAT or apply to dental school until recently. My AADSAS was submitted in mid-September. I just took my DAT today so that will be out soon. I am finishing my supplemental applications by Oct. 1st. Here are my stats: -3.49 GPA...
  30. Possum737

    UNC Supplemental Application before taking the DAT?

    I am currently filling out the UNC supplemental application. I plan to take the DAT on September 29th. One of the questions on the supplemental asks to explain your DAT scores. I hear that submitting the application sooner rather than later in preferred however I do not have my scores yet...
  31. A

    Belmont DPT, UNC, VCU, ODU, Shenandoah, Elon, Arcadia Pros/Cons

    Hey everyone! I just applied to these schools and was wondering if any current students or alumni could give any insight on these programs? If you could go back and make a different decision, would you? Or would you recommend the program? Thanks!