1. S

    Sociology as a REQUIRED prereq--not just a recommended prereq--for any med school right now?

    Does anyone know specifically if Sociology is a REQUIRED--not just recommended--prereq right now for any med school? I've gone through these SDN forums about Sociology as a prereq spanning back a number of years. The general consensus is that Sociology is recommended as a prereq at "most" med...
  2. S

    Physics Pre-Requisite Transfer Question

  3. B

    Biochemistry II

    Is it true that biochemistry I is only required as a prerequisite for medical school? Meaning I do not have to take biochemistry II to get into medical school?
  4. F

    Career Change - questions about finishing old prereqs, old LORs and more.

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to go back and finish up my premed courses: I have a degree from 2018 in Mathematics from a Pac-12 with some non-published research (Wet Bench Genetics work, presentations on a Mathematical Model of Cancer that I improved on as well as Algebra), some solids ECs with...
  5. T

    CO school for reinvention postbacc

    Need some help deciding on a school to postbac at. I'm in the serious reinvention category with a 2.86 undergrad gpa with a few Ds and Cs in my med school prereqs, so I am looking to retake those classes and then add on a bunch of upper level science classes to bump up my stats and show a strong...
  6. Alessandra20

    Pharmacy School dropping courses concern

    Hey guys i just got a quick question it’s probably really stupid but oh well. I’m currently in my very last semester before i begin pharmacy school in the fall and i committed already (Committed to Wayne state university). Right now i’m taking a biochem class and this professor is God awful and...
  7. boston_3

    Engineering Courses for Fulfilling Physics Pre-req?

    I was wondering if anyone has used engineering courses as a non-trad student to fulfill the physics requirements? I can't seem to find a straightforward answer on how this works, so I'd love to hear from someone that has encountered this issue!
  8. K

    Pre Reqs at a CC will I be taken seriously?

    Hello all, I’m currently 25yrs and making a career change to go to dental school. I need to take my pre reqs first which I think I can do in 5 semesters. I have bachelors in dental hygiene and have been an RDH for 3 years now and will be working full time still while I take my classes. It would...
  9. futureorthodr

    Online Social Science Prerequisites

    Hello! I am a second-year biology major at a LAC in NC graduating in 3 years total (dual enrollment in high school). I will be taking my MCAT in early 2022 before I graduate in May 2022. Because of this, I have been arranging my MCAT prep schedule and have discovered an issue taking psychology...
  10. N

    Green card requirements

    Hello, I am a Canadian citizen completing my undergraduate degree this year in Canada and subsequently starting my post-bacc in Canada next year but I received my green card in 2018. Is there a requirement to live in a certain state for a certain amount of time prior to applying or to complete...
  11. birchtree47

    Worries about prereq grades

    Hello everyone, hope you guys are doing well :) So, I just rounded out the second half of my sophomore year and am looking back at my GPA. At the moment, my GPA is a 3.805, and will either be a 3.8229 or a 3.8035 depending on what I get in this one liberal arts class. Although I recognize that...
  12. M

    Would this class count as an upper-level biology lab?

    I am considering taking a class called " Laboratory Techniques in Biomedical Research" that is a 400 level class in the physiology department. However, it is an online class. Would I have to take an in-person lab next year as well, or would this satisfy my upper-level biology lab requirement...
  13. khunmohdokhtar

    Schools that have expirations for pre-reqs?

    Just as the title (hopefully) gets at, does anyone have a list or have a good idea of which schools have expirations (require you to take the course recently) on pre-req courses? I had a spreadsheet going earlier this cycle that made notes here and there of which school wanted pre-reqs to be...
  14. N

    Biology Prerequisite Minimum Requirement

    I am a Canadian student and took 1 full year biology course with lab in first year but I got less than a B-. However, I took a third year animal behaviour course (a biology course) that was a year long with lab and I got an A. I also took two other biology courses in first and second year where...
  15. habbohomer

    Should I take my Pre-reqs at Community College or at 4-year University after transferring?

    I've seen this question asked a lot and I've seen mixed responses. Especially now with covid, would it make sense to wait until after transferring to a 4-year university to take pre-reqs as taking them online and at a community college may seem too easy and not appealing for Med school...
  16. bsneuroscience

    English Prereq Requirement

    I took 2 semesters of dual enrollment English in high school and they also transferred to my university from the community college. They were both 100 level classes and are called English composition 1/ English composition 2. I was wondering if these classes would be okay to fulfill most med...
  17. A

    Postponing MCAT, Finishing Prereqs, Transcript Confusion

    Thanks in advance to anyone who is able to give me some guidance on these issues - here's what I have going on: - My current scheduled test date for MCAT is June 27th. I posted another thread about how I've been studying for it and people have suggested that I should postpone to get the best...
  18. H

    Self -Paced Online Pre-reqs

    Good afternoon All, any recommendations to other ONLINE PRE-REQs that are SELF-PACED in the vein of UNE?
  19. TeslaCybertruck95


    Hey all, I am currently directing my studies toward the premed route and was wondering about the repercussions of opting for the pass/fail option offered this semester. I am an associates degree RN and am getting my bachelors in nursing online. The class I am taking is not a prereq to med school...
  20. Doctoscope

    Organic Chem might turn online next quarter - nonissue, right?

    Some UC campuses are turning fully online next quarter, and it looks like 2 of my prereq classes (bio and orgo) may turn online as well for Spring 2020. I know we're supposed to avoid online prerequisites, and I'm 99% being neurotic and overthinking it, but having to take online prereqs due to...
  21. D

    Advice for application timeline

    Hello all! I am looking to apply to medical school, but am a bit conflicted about my timeline. I am 28 years old with an undergrad in Econ at a top public school with cGPA of 3.75 and slightly higher science GPA, albeit with lower level science courses. I served in the Army for about 5 years...
  22. K

    PA prerequisite grades

    Hello, I will be graduating this semester with my B.S. in Neuroscience. I’m trying to figure out what route I want to take and I’m stuck/would appreciate any advice. I am deciding between doing a 12 month accelerated nursing program for non-BSN holders or trying to apply for a PA program. I...
  23. I

    Postbacc, SMP, or Retake courses? (HELP)

    I am an undergraduate student at a state school. With the incentive to graduate in early (recommendation by my HS counselor), I used all of my AP credits and community college credits to finish and get a BS in psych in 3 years. I went to my last choice school (was an environment which was not...
  24. postponemastudentloan

    What type of EC’s for Med school?

    Hi guys, I wanted to get your advice on what you think standard EC’s (and how many hours) are for MD schools? I’m not sure what all falls under the category of EC’s but this is what I’m doing so far: -working as an LPN -research -volunteering in a hospital because of my clinical experience...
  25. A

    Stony Brook Prerequisite

    Has anyone been accepted or interviewed at Stony Brook without finishing all of the prerequisite classes. Their website says that prerequisites must be completed by time of application rather than matriculation like other schools; but i also know that schools "reserve the right to waive any...
  26. A

    to take another gap year?

    Here's what I have so far: Undergrad Major: Health Education cGPA: 3.83 sGPA: 3.71 I have not taken the MCAT yet - I plan on taking in March 2020. My story - I went through most of college being pre-PA and switched a few weeks before I graduated. In undergrad, I completed all of the...
  27. A

    Physics Prereq Question

    I graduated from undergrad in May and have been taking time to work before applying to schools. I intend to apply June 2020, but I have some questions about the physics prereq that I didn’t quite finish in undergrad. I used AP credits in undergrad to cover my physics 1 and physics 1 lab...
  28. N

    Prerequisites for medical school

    Hi, I am a Canadian student, at our uni we have two physics courses considered "Exclusions" of each other. I'm wondering if I take these two courses to fulfill the one year of physics requirement, do USA med school from upon this? Has anyone ever had this problem? TIA
  29. C

    Prerequisites after a years wait?

    Im applying for September 2020. I'm missing 2 chemistry credits but have just graduated (April 2019). Can I skip this year and do other things and take the credits next summer? They would still be before matriculation (hopefully) but would they ask why I didn't take them straight away? Would it...
  30. S

    What are my chances? Former Pro Soccer Player and Restaurant Owner

  31. 0613Forever

    General Admissions & OTCAS How to send prerequisite transcripts to OTCAS?

    Hello, there! Since the new OTCAS admissions cycle is coming up in few weeks, I have a question about sending prerequisite transcripts to OTCAS. I have done all my prerequisites as online courses; is the method same as sending official transcript from the undergraduate? Do we get to enter...
  32. N


  33. K

    Online micro prereq?

    I graduated and currently studying for the DAT using bootcamp. My school didn't offer a second micro class that is a prereq for UW (my in state dental school) so I need to take it online. My original plan was to do the online class after acceptance and before attending to save money and time if...
  34. P

    Clinical Experience

    Someone brought to my attention recently that med schools generally want clinical volunteering over paid clinical work -- does anyone know the accuracy to this? I have gotten a paid job as basically a CNA, so would this fulfill the unwritten clinical requirement (even though it is not...
  35. B

    New Prerequisite List Problem

    Hi all, I recently graduated and I'm currently in my gap year, working to save up for those app fees. But I just found out that one of the schools I really wanted to get into (U of AZ Tucson), changed their prerequisite list for the cycle I'm applying in. So now I'm missing 1 semester of...
  36. 9

    Need advice! do I need to take this class?

  37. C

    Engineering Major - Pre Reqs for medical school?

    Hi everyone, I am a freshman at a 4 year college pursuing a degree in computer engineering. After completing my degree I would like to go to medical school. So far I’m having a couple of problems... 1) My university is more orientated towards engineering so they don’t really have anyone here...
  38. Classy Oxford Comma

    Final Semester Before Medical School Question

    I have a question about what I need to do for my final semester. I know I need to finish my prereqs to get into medical school and finish my courses to graduate. Do I need to be a full time student to keep my spot for medical school, or can I take 6 hours (12 needed to be full time) and call it...
  39. bsneuroscience

    Stats & Biostatistics

    Hello all, I am currently taking a statistics course as a freshman student, and I've heard medical schools and medicine in general use A LOT more of statistics than calculus. Should I take biostatistics next semester or take calc 1 and be done with my math prereqs? The biostats class is geared...
  40. armoman898

    How to handle NO Biochemistry (but 2 semester of Orgo)

    I have taken Orgo 1 and 2 (8 credits). I did not take Biochem before I graduated :bang:. I'm a non-trad. On my AACOMAS primary, I selected "I'm not matching any course to this prerequisite" for Biochemistry, for the schools that require Biochem. I already submitted (9/12/18). I emailed a few...