summer classes

  1. T

    Listing a W summer class on AMCAS app?

    Hey all - I've got a bit of a weird situation with summer classes, would anyone know how to list this in AMCAS? I took Physics I & II at two different branches of my local university (UState-CityA; UState-CityB) over summer sessions, two consecutive summers. The first summer, I took Physics I...
  2. futureorthodr

    Online Social Science Prerequisites

    Hello! I am a second-year biology major at a LAC in NC graduating in 3 years total (dual enrollment in high school). I will be taking my MCAT in early 2022 before I graduate in May 2022. Because of this, I have been arranging my MCAT prep schedule and have discovered an issue taking psychology...
  3. R

    Advice on summer classes

    So I am currently a pre-dental student at a 4 year university and I am out of state. I want to take my Bio 1 lecture and lab requirement this summer to get it out of the way and save money but I want to make sure that this will not harm my admission into dental school. I would be taking the...
  4. Python Forever

    Upper Division Bio Classes During the Summer?

    I know it's highly recommended you don't take prereqs during the summer as the material is condensed, but how does that sentiment carry over to upper div. bio classes? I'd like to take Microbiology, Endocrinology, and Hematology, but the competitiveness of those classes coupled with the fact...
  5. D

    Resume Builder: Take a medical course this summer!

    Georgetown School of Medicine offers two summer medical courses (Gross Anatomy and Physiology). A transcript is given at the end of the course from the medical school, indicating you have successfully completed a medical school course. Grades are given as well. We take rising juniors and...
  6. S

    DE courses for AMCAS application?

    Hi all, hopefully, this is a relatively simple question to answer. I took Dual Enrollment classes during junior year of high school (2013-2014), and then took transient student summer classes at the same college (2016). In the AMCAS application where it says "dates attended" do I put 2013-2016...
  7. K

    Preparing for USMLE Step I and taking classed during summer

    I basically had a really horrible second semester of MS2 following a tough first semester involving a category 5 Hurricane. Thanks to the 20% and 25% that the NBME shelfs for path and pharm contribute to grade, I didn't pass the courses by 1.5-2%. Im taking them in the summer (June, probably)...
  8. S

    Taking ORGO 1&2 at another university for the Summer?

    Hey everyone! Even though I've been stalking SDN for a significantly long time, this is my first post! Small tidbit about me: Sociology Major, Spanish Minor Sophomore at Top 50 Private University 3.6 Overall 3.4 Science GPA Black Female Due to my interest in my minor, I have formed my four...
  9. 7

    Questions about classes

    I've been reading through the classes to take on many dental school websites, and a lot of them state that to be competitive you should have advanced science courses such as Anatomy, Physiology, Genetics, Histoloy, Evolution etc... I was wondering if other upper level science classes also count...
  10. HappyPomme

    DAT + summer school

    Hey everyone! So a few months ago when I first learned I would have to be studying for the DAT while taking a summer class, I have to admit that I was really worried and tried looking for some comfort in SDN threads from others who have done this in the past. However, reading some of the posts...
  11. R

    3 Science classes+MCAT or summer school?

    I'm having some trouble making a decision about my course schedule next year. I was originally planning on taking orgo I and physics I in Fall 2017 and orgo II, physics II and biochem in Spring 2018 while preparing for the spring MCAT. However, I'm starting to have doubts about whether 3 science...
  12. F

    Physics or Orgo in the summer?

    Does taking one vs the other in summer look worse to med schools? With physics (non-calc based) I'll be taking it with lab, but with orgo I'll be taking the lab either in the fall or the spring since it isn't offered in summer (it's just 1 2 credit one). I originally wanted to solely focus on...
  13. A

    Summer Semester - Research and a Class

    What are all of your thoughts on summer semester course loads? I am planning to start biomedical research this summer (the agreement is for 16-20 hours a week) and Physics 1. Taking a class is pretty important for me considering I dropped a class last semester, but is it doable/advisable with...
  14. S

    Would taking a course in the summer kill my chances of medical school?

    I need to take one more course to graduate (0.25 credits). Would taking it in the summer on it's own kill my chances of medical school? The course I would take isn't a pre-requisite or a mandatory course, just a credit I need to fulfill to graduate. Thanks!
  15. SterlingMaloryArcher

    First Two Years at CC, Good Idea to take Bio I/II and Chem I/II in summer at UVA?

    (UVA = University of Virginia, Probably regarded as the best public state school in VA) UVA allows visiting students in the summer sessions only. Obviously I did not have the High School grades to get into UVA as a 1st year (freshman.) *BIO I/II in the summer is already a done deal. Would it...
  16. SterlingMaloryArcher

    Value of various types of research opportunities & What to do in Summer

    1.) Are organized summer opportunities ( ) more or less valuable than research throughout the school year with a professor? ( ) I feel the latter would be a better opportunity to have long-term involvement...
  17. W

    Taking intensive Organic Chemistry 1 & 2 and Cell Biology at the same time

    Background: I completed my first semester of undergraduate school and just started the second semester. I took Gen Chem 1, Calc, Physics, and some gen ed, but I found myself going crazy because it seemed like I had nothing to do. I finished all my work well before deadlines and it got to the...
  18. starfruit138

    Summer Biochem with MCAT study or Gap Year

    I was planning to take a gap year, but the closer it gets the more I just want to go straight to medical school. I am a year behind in chemistry, meaning I am finishing up ochem as a junior. I need biochemistry before I can take the MCAT, and it is offered as a 6-week summer course at my...
  19. F

    Orgo I & II during the summer

    I know there's lots of posts on this but wanted to share my credentials. I'm looking to take orgo I & II (lab during normal semester) in the summer. It's at the same university I go to and it's basically because I'm a year behind on the pre med track and taking orgo in the summer would allow me...
  20. F

    Physics or organic chem over the summer

    I have to take Physics I & II over the summer or Orgo I & II to stay on track, so just in general which do yo guys think is worse to take over the summer. In summer I'll have to take physics labs so it's 5 credits in 5 weeks and another 5 for the second summer session. Organic chem lab is 2...
  21. K

    summer classes

    can you take summer classes in med school and if so then can you graduate faster?
  22. N

    Anyone taken summer courses at Columbia?

    Anyone have any experience?
  23. P

    Planning on Graduating in Summer 2017 - is it still possible to go to med school in Fall of 2017 ?

    I am currently planning out my courseload for the next year, and I can either take 2 21-hr semesters or take some classes next summer. Is it possible for me to matriculate in the fall of 2017 if I fill out my applications this summer and graduate in July of 2017? Thank you!
  24. M

    Summer Classes and MCAT Prep?

    I plan on self-studying for the MCAT this summer for the September exam with a 4 month schedule using mostly TBR material. I'm also taking a summer biochem course that meets 4 times a week for 6 weeks (each class is 2 hours long) and for the second half of the summer, I'll be taking a lab class...