Opinion on LOR decision?


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Jun 23, 2006
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Hello all,
I'll try and keep this short.
Has anyone ever heard of a "group" LOR?
The story is: I work at the local hospital as the PT Aide, amongst five PT's and a few OT's and so forth. Will be applying for the next cycle or perhaps the following one (hopefully not both). My GPA is on the lower end of the spectrum, and as such I am trying to make the rest of my application really shine. I'll have two letters from DO's, along with a few MD's, although I still have much work to do with the science professor realm. Beyond these letters, will schools really accept any additional ones? I have heard of a few schools with the more the better attitude, but it feels rather rare to me. Regarding my situation at work, I feel like all of these people would write a great letter, but that feels a bit excessive. The way I see it is, if additional letters are acceptable, there are a few options.
1.) Ask for a "group" letter. Basically five or six short paragraphs (somehow signed by each therapist).
2.) Ask for one personal letter. Maybe two.
3.) Both 1 and 2. Ask my manager to write a personal letter and the other therapists to compile the group letter.

Any thoughts? Is the group letter thing old hat? Do you think it would be a good idea, presuming all five therapists had good things to say? Any potential problems associated with this thought?
Thanks very much for the input and help. I really appreciate it!!!
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