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Best Secondary Question Bank for OB Shelf Prep


    Votes: 5 38.5%
  • Case Files

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    Votes: 5 38.5%
  • Other

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Dec 5, 2013
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For those who did well on OB, what secondary question bank would you recommend? I hadn't heard great things about UWISE for the shelf exam, and I hadn't heard much about AMBOSS for OBGYN. Case Files is another option as well. I will definitely do incorrects and run through UWORLD again if I have time. Any advice would be much appreciated. You all have always been so helpful! TIA.

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I almost exclusively used UWise and did really well on the shelf. Threw in some uworld toward the end too
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The best resource, hands down, are UWise. Did them twice, they are the most similar to what I saw on the shelf. I did UWorld as well but these were way easier questions than the shelf and I did not find them as useful. If I had to recommend another QBank, I would use Pretest. I scored >90 raw score on every shelf that I used Pretest for.

My OB/gyn shelf was 91, but this was three years ago, so who knows if my advice means anything now.
I used UWorld for the OB shelf exam and it turned out to be my second highest shelf exam, but I will also preface by saying that my OBGYN attending knew UWorld inside-out and she taught/tested on the concepts from UWorld clearly and thoroughly throughout my rotation. Therefore, UWorld alone was more than sufficient for me, but I can't say how it sufficient it would be for the average medical student. That being said, I know some of my friends used UWise and said it was a very good resource for the OB shelf exam, so I would second that!
The best resource, hands down... UWise


I'm almost 4 years removed from my OB rotation and still remember how surprised I was to nearly ace my OB shelf after ONLY two passes through UWise.
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Honored the OBGYN shelf using OME, Case Files, UWorld, and APGO UWise. Loved Case Files and thought it was an especially strong resource for this rotation. Flipped through a bit of Shelf-Life and was impressed by the quality of the explanations for the questions I did but didn't get a chance to finish it. The UWise questions turned out to be overrated for me, and the website interface was annoying...but I still think it's worth doing.