1. shinsoochoo

    Optimal Second Question Bank for OB Shelf?

    For those who did well on OB, what secondary question bank would you recommend? I hadn't heard great things about UWISE for the shelf exam, and I hadn't heard much about AMBOSS for OBGYN. Case Files is another option as well. I will definitely do incorrects and run through UWORLD again if I have...
  2. Asclepius293

    Failed Fam Med Shelf- Matching

    Hey everyone, Last week, my dad’s bowel perforated and he was septic the night before my fam med shelf. I was kind of out of it and took it anyways which in retrospect was very dumb. It felt like a total blur taking it. I ended up failing by a few points. Clinically, I did really well and our...
  3. J

    Medicine NBME 1 Thread

    Hi all. I had some questions about the NBME 1 thread: 1. older man w/dm2, unresponsive. high glucose -- due to HOGS/osmotic diuresis? 2. Older male w/fatigue and eosinophilia and weight loss. What's the next step in diagnosis? a. ACTH stim test b. 3 serial tests of stool for ova/parasites c...
  4. haidarmm

    Johns Hopkins Internal Medicine Board Review or Step Up to Medicine

    Hello, I just wanted to get everyone’s input on what they chose to use when going over material during their internal medicine rotation. Which of these two did you prefer? If you chose something other than the two in the title, please let me know, along with the reason why you chose the...
  5. P

    Family Medicine Practice NBME Vs. Actual Shelf Score

    Hey Everyone! For those of you who took the NBME Family Med subject exams, how well did they predict your actual FM Shelf score? I know the NBME FM tests are relatively new, so I wasn't sure how predictive they would be. I failed my first attempt by two points (I honestly hadn't prepared...
  6. USMLE_Pro

    USMLE Pro Tutors: Online Step 1, Step 2 CK, and Shelf Tutoring from High-Scoring Test-Prep Experts

    Founded by an experienced educator who scored a 262 on Step 1 and 282 on Step 2 CK, USMLE Pro Tutors has among the highest average Step 1 and Step 2 CK scores of all tutoring companies, with an average of 260+ on Step 1 and 270+ on Step 2 CK. We have thousands of hours of tutoring experience and...
  7. sahell

    NBME Surgery Form 1 questions

    1. Preop evaluation reveals chronic occlusion of lower limb veins and edema - How to manage preop? I thought we would give therapeutic dose of Hep for DVT, which was wrong. Would be give low dose hep prophylaxis? 2. Patient is put on a ventillator probably because of ARDS - Tidal vol 1000ml...
  8. Y

    Pharmacology NBME

    Any suggestions on how to prepare for the pharm shelf? I'll be taking it in about 3 weeks. Should I go for FA, BRS, Qbanks, sketchy?
  9. MedBoardTutors

    Expert USMLE, COMLEX, and NBME Tutors Available Now!

    Dear Students, Are you looking to improve your USMLE, NBME, or COMLEX scores to have the best opportunity for any residency program? MedBoardTutors staff have the highest average scores among USMLE tutoring companies with an average of >260 on Step 1 and >260 on Step 2 CK. We also have...
  10. iamironman

    APGO vs ACOG questions for ObGyn Shelf/step 2 CK. Which one?

    I recently came to know about APGO and ACOG questions. Which of them are useful for the ObGyn shelf exam and Step 2 CK? I heard some ppl referring to ACOG questions to do before starting UW. Is this helpful to use any/both of these 2 (APGO and ACOG) to use for shelf and CK?
  11. X

    How many hours a day did you study based on rotation?

    I did not see a big thread on this so I wanted to start. How many hours in third year did you study a night on average based on the rotation? Psychiatry Neurology Surgery OB GYN Family Med Internal med. Figured it would help students not over or understudy. Also if you can feel free to share...
  12. P

    AMBOSS for Shelf Exams & MS3?

    So AMBOSS gave a presentation to our med school today, and from what I gathered, it's designed to be a comprehensive, single resource for MS3, including a Qbank and Library. They are based in Germany and used as the primary resource for students and physicians across Europe. There's a lot of...
  13. P

    Advice on shelf exams

    I've been doing well on my clinical evaluations so far but the shelf exams always seem to be bringing down my final grade. I've been a studious browser of the forums in terms of finding appropriate resources to study for each shelf, and I've been pretty diligent in terms of budgeting time to...
  14. Stagg737

    "Cramming" for Surgery

    Let's say you only had 1 month of surgery rotation instead of 2. What materials would you use/prioritize to study for your shelf (other than UWorld Surgical questions)?
  15. SukItPhaneuf


    I'm doing OnlineMedEd, Uworld. I'll go through case files this weekend. If I wanted one more qbank what should I do - UWise, Pretest, BoardVitals, or something else (don't mind buying something)?
  16. M

    Newest MKSAP for Internal Medicine Shelf $50

    Selling a completely new copy of MKSAP for students 6 (aka IM Essentials for Students Questions), successor to the well-known MKSAP for students 5. For 3rd year medical students prepping for the internal medicine NBME shelf exam. Instead of officially calling it "MKSAP 6", ACP decided to name...
  17. R

    How much of your grade is your COMAT?

    Fellow DO students, The administration at our school recently made some changes to how third and fourth year would be graded. Previously, COMAT scores made up 10% of your grade for a rotation, with the other 90% coming from your preceptor evaluation. Now, these are split 50%/50% and the world...
  18. M

    Surgery: Clinical Mastery Series Form 3 (Please Help)

    Form 3
  19. I

    NBME Shelf Scores for AADSAS?

    Would it be worth mentioning that I have taken 2 Shelf exams while completing my master's degree? I scored in the 54th percentile on one, and in the 48th percentile on the other, which are both ranked among the medical students nationwide who also took these exams. There isn't anywhere in the...
  20. F

    Using Step 2 Resources to study for Shelf Exams

    I'm curious what experience people have had using Step 2 resources to study for their shelf exams: e.g., using Step 2 CK First Aid, USMLE Rx for Step 2, And UWorld as the primary means by which to study for these exams, or even as a supplement. How many people stick to primary texts like Case...
  21. A

    NBME Physio Shelf

    Hey! So I have to pass the NBME physio shelf in 6 days. Any advice on what sources to use? I REALLY need to pass and I'm not too strong in physio. So far I've heard: 1-BRS Physio (I'm not a huge fan of the outlines and don't know this will teach me much - it seems better to review) 2- UWorld...