third year

  1. R

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    Participate in an NIH study using virtual reality and receive a $100 amazon gift card!

    Are you located near the NIH Campus in Bethesda, Maryland? We are seeking 3rd and 4th year medical students who would like to participate in an innovative healthcare study using virtual reality. The study involves one 90-minute visit to the NIH Campus, and is compensated with a $100 amazon...
  7. Rljoel

    US student rotating in Scotland or Ireland

    Has anyone rotated through Scotland or Ireland for a 4 week rotation? If so, what was the process of setting it up and were you able to do anything or was it more just shadowing? Any specialty! Thanks in advance!
  8. shinsoochoo

    Optimal Second Question Bank for OB Shelf?

    For those who did well on OB, what secondary question bank would you recommend? I hadn't heard great things about UWISE for the shelf exam, and I hadn't heard much about AMBOSS for OBGYN. Case Files is another option as well. I will definitely do incorrects and run through UWORLD again if I have...
  9. kingarty24

    MD Step 1 241 - ortho possible? Need help planning years 3-4

    Hi all - I need some guidance. I got my my score report last week, 241. I’m pleased, definitely glad the weeks I spent punishing myself weren’t for nothing. To make a long story short - I’m interested in ortho but I’m not entirely sure how realistic this goal is with a score so far below the...
  10. Asclepius293

    3rd Year Elective - Interest in EM

    Hey all, In the luck of the draw, I'll be starting third year on elective. I'm limited on what I can choose from due to not having completed core rotations. To add to that, the emergency medicine elective is not available for my elective month. Any advice on what might be beneficial at this...
  11. tunicaexterna

    Getting burnt out on third year

    I’ve felt a steady decline in my morale during third year. I don’t want to circle jerk on rounds and talk about a potassium of 3.3 for 45 minutes. I don’t want to switch attendings every goddamn week and remember what particular presentation format they want. I don’t want to be in the OR and...
  12. M

    Giving up a specialty due to things not under my control....

  13. K

    MD & DO MS3 gifts

    My school is having a going away celebration for the current MS2/rising MS3 students before they head off for their clinical years, and I wanted to get a gift for my Big Sib. What would you guys recommend? What is something useful to have during third and fourth year rotations? Thanks!
  14. P

    MD Help with choosing M3 electives!

    Hi all, I was hoping to elicit some advice from the SDN community out there for choosing M3 electives. I'm a rising M3, about to take Step 1, so this isn't something I want to be particularly worried about rn, but it's hard not to be because my school just gave us our clerkship schedules for...
  15. medlife2017

    Which track is best based on your experience?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if you could tell me what track is best based on the options and if you could give reasons, that would be greatly appreciated too.
  16. P

    Variation in third year grades between schools

    A friend at a private east coast medical school shared that his third-year grades don't really matter, since grade inflation is notorious at his school, with a third of his class honoring all of third year. As long as you put in some effort, you can expect straight honors. I attend a public US...
  17. X

    How do you memorize/learn a page of information in medical school?

    Hello everyone. My question may need some clarification. I frequently find myself just forgetting information, being stuck on a page forever, sometimes passively reading, sometimes constantly quizzing myself and being stuck. I am in third year and this is killing my time. My ultimate question...
  18. NachoPlatter

    OR question

    I am a new M3 who hasn't had surgery yet, but will be in the OR starting tomorrow for my elective. My question may be stupid but as I've yet to walk into an OR its relevant-- I won't be scrubbing in, but is it okay to have stuff in your pockets in an OR when not scrubbed in? Or is this an...
  19. X

    Social Anxiety and awkwardness making MS3 a nightmare?

    I am half way through my surgery rotation and I am struggling like hell. I am the student who is usually quiet, and fumbles with instruments. My nervousness for the next day makes it impossible for me to study or sleep at a decent time and I end up looking even dumber. I constantly drink alcohol...
  20. X

    How many hours a day did you study based on rotation?

    I did not see a big thread on this so I wanted to start. How many hours in third year did you study a night on average based on the rotation? Psychiatry Neurology Surgery OB GYN Family Med Internal med. Figured it would help students not over or understudy. Also if you can feel free to share...
  21. S

    iPad Size for Third Year?

    ***size referring to literal size, not storage size I'm a rising third year student and I'm trying to figure out what I need for third year. I currently have a medical clipboard that fits in my white coat pocket per recommendation of an upperclassmen. What I'm trying to figure out is if my 9.7...
  22. D

    Help with choosing Emergency Medicine

  23. E

    Third Year Residents Needed for Low Volume Er in Rural KS

    Third Year Residents needed for ER work in Rural KS setting. 10 K annual volume for ER Visits. Competitive Pay and excellent staff. Sign on, and Retention Bonus possible. Please contact for exact location and details. Qualifications: KS State License ACLS, PALS with commitment to get ATLS if...
  24. S

    Courses to take before the MCAT

    I am a first year psychology student at UTM, and I am in the process of making my 4 year plan. I was a little bit worried about fulfilling pre-requisite courses throughout my degree as I hope to be accepted into the "Behaviour, Genetics, and Neurobiology" specialist program, however I have...
  25. P

    Getting slayed by shelf exams. Please help!

    Hi everyone, I really, REALLY need advice on how to study for these. I'm inn the middle of third year and I am being slayed by shelf exams. In order of most recent to oldest: Internal Medicine - 69 Used MKSAP and UWorld - All questions Neuro - 68 Used Lange Clinical...
  26. OnePunchBiopsy

    Step 2 CS Studying- Let's Be Real

    I had a friend recently fail CS. He came up with a great idea to prepare for his retake that I feel compelled to share. If you recently failed CS, skip down to the bottom paragraph. If you are a 3rd year who wants to prevent themselves from failing CS, continue reading. I'M A 3RD YEAR WHO...
  27. O

    Case Presentation examples

    Hey med students, A couple of quick questions. I am helping my school create a database of patient presentations. It will include a variety of specialties, types of presentations, length, etc. I am wondering if: The school you attend has any type of database or archive of case presentations...
  28. reverence

    Gen Surg vs. Family Med/Primary Care

    I know the two are very different... Anyone else deciding (or decided) between these two? Would appreciate input. Please don't bother talking about $$ Surgery [+] : the hands on; the procedure is the main medicine (I would much rather learn procedures over pharmacology); I like the varied...
  29. P

    How to do well on the Neurology Clerkship (not just the Shelf)?

    Hi everyone! I was wondering how to do well on the Neurology clerkship-- not just resources for preparing for the shelf. Due to a different curriculum, I haven't done a physical exam in about 3-4 months. Yikes. 1) Do you recommend having a pocket book to refer to? If so, which one (MGH, Rapid...
  30. B

    MD Canadian Student -- Really need some help!!!

    Hey guys, I am new on SDN and I am a Canadian student. I will be going into my third year in the fall, and I am writing my MCAT this summer. My cGPA is currently around 3.68 and sGPA around 3.70. My ECs are as follows: Research: -4 months in a neuropsych lab with poster presentation...
  31. D

    Need Rotation Advice

    Hello all, I am a 3rd year medical student from a Caribbean University. I just need to complete a couple more core rotations as I did most of them in Atlanta. Here's where the problem starts, my school allows me to schedule my rotations anywhere. I had to move from Atlanta recently as my father...
  32. N

    Third year, thinking about quitting

    I'll try to keep this a brief as possible. TLDR: Been in school forever. Done mediocre in med school. Third year, burned out, not happy. Thinking about quitting. Have a few back up plans. Any advice appreciated. I've been in school for 11 years. Started out pre-med, got derailed into the...