over seas base out of residency

hello, thanks for your support. Is it possible in the AFHPSP to go practice medicine at an overseas base right after you complete your residencY? someone said that that was discouraged because new docs don:t have experience. Please clarify. Thank you.


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Oct 27, 2002
    Absolutely NOT true that you can't be sent oversees right out of residency. You can and will be sent. Hardship tours, like Korea, are typically filled with recent grads who get last pick of available assignments. You can, and will be deployed to the desert right out of residency. Again because you will often get stuck with the least desirable, most frequently deployed mobility teams. The Plum assignments (the so-called "European Vacation," of Germany, UK, Italy, etc) are not filled with recent graduates because they are taken by people with higher rank, more service time, or previous hardship tour.
    I understand that deployment can happen at anytime, but I was wondering how likely it would be for me to be stationed in Japan right out of residency because i ranked it as a preference on the sheet.
    I like japan and it is one of my reasons for possilbly joining hpsp/fap. after telling a recruter that was my preference he said that after two years post residency i could apply to go to japan, but not before then. He hocked it up to a lack of experience.

    Does anyone know about this?
    I have to accept teh hpsp soon, so a quick response would be cool.

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    Dec 17, 2003
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      I've posted this. I'll post again. A number of factors go into the decision process on where you get stationed:

      the availability of billets, the rotation time of members there, family member with special needs, deployment schedules, what the detailer is thinking at the moment he makes a decision, co-location of ad members who are married, and your preferences....etc.

      Bottom line, you can be stationed anywhere in the world at anytime. However, your preferences on duty station is the very last factor that goes into the decision process.

      You have to accept the fact that your chances of going where you want to go is equivalent to winning at gambling in Las Vegas.
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