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Oct 24, 2004
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So, one our our IM faculty was giving a Clinical Medicine lecture on pain. I guess he does a lot of palliative medicine since he's all inpatient.

He indicated that he constults with "anethesiology" on certain pain cases. Obviously this is nothing new.

The question is, do you non-pain fellowship dudes/dudettes get these kinds of consults on the floors? If so, how often, and in what capacity in terms of working this around your regular responsibilities in the OR? That is, is there a floater or something, that is scheduled in? Or is it the OB guy/gals responsibility to take these calls given that they're already out of the OR?

Also, can you give an example of a typical non-interventional pain consult??




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Jul 18, 2006
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The deal is that anesthesia residency will start requiring 3 months of pain in order to graduate. It used to just be one month which over here was divided up between clinic and inpatient. Now, we will have something like a month of inpatient (which are the consults you are referring to), a month of clinic, and a "block month". Inpatient pain consults are usually postop patients who are on chronic opioids as outpatients and present some challenges to the surgical teams that aren't used to managing large doses of opioids. We also get consults for cancer pain, e.g. intrathecal pump placement. In addition, our inpatient pain service sees all patients who have epidurals or regional cathethers that were placed in the OR