Passed NAPLEX but failed MPJE

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Sep 12, 2018
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I just found out that I failed Texas MPJE with a 73 :inpain:. I'm devastated. I can't believe my score. I was confident that I would pass. I read the Ultimate MPJE review guide cover to cover twice and did the practice questions on the back. I also attended the the expensive review session offered by the author of the book at my university. I made lots of tables and review notes for myself. While I was taking the exams I knew the answer to lots of questions and I had my doubts only about the "select all that apply" questions. I expected anything other than failure. I don't know what more I should have done to pass this exam.

Please for those who passed Texas MPJE I would appreciate any tips and resources. I really don't want to fail this again.

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Hello Music_rx did you happen to retake the mpje exam yet? Hope u passed the second time around. I will be taking it in May and would appreciate any advice and tips. Thanks!