Sep 18, 2015
Hello, I just took my PCAT and my Preliminary score report have a composite of SS 371 and a PR 3
Verbal 368 PR 5
Biology 373 PR 6
Reading 366 PR 6
Quantitative 377 PR 8
Chemistry 372 PR 8

I need to know if I have a chance of getting into pharmacy school. I want to go to Northeast Medical in Ohio but I'm afraid I won't get in because of my PCAT score. English is my second language. My overall gpa 3.6. I'm the president of TriBeta National honor society at my college. I'm a member of the chemistry and premedical club there too and also getting my certificate in leadership but My classmates score a 50-70% on their PCAT and I'm afraid I might not get in. But my advisor kept telling me that I have a really good chance of getting in but I really doubt it. And I'm graduating with my associate of science and pre-medical degree in the spring. Please help me.
Sep 21, 2015
Pharmacy Student
Good Lord! who is your adviser? :D he must be high, man.

Definitely retake. Personally, I think if your composite is below 60 percentile, it is a good idea to retake. Your composite is 3 meaning that there are 96 percent of people who are better than you and your GPA is just right in the middle of the competitive pool. No amount of extracurricular can save a 3 PR PCAT score. I am so sorry for being blunt, but you need to retake ASAP.
Oct 2, 2015
I would also advise on retaking it. A composite of 3 seems very low. I don't mean to be blunt. :)