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PenN question

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May 23, 2003
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sup ppl,

wow, i was so overwhelmed with the volume of responses and discussion of my last topic...

anyways- ill be at pEnN- i was wondering what other health schools/centers (med, pharm, resdient prg- whatever) are affiliated/near it and do D1/D2 students get to interact with those other students/residents outside Dpenn for business or pleasure either. on a regular basis? any common classes w the meds? tankya thanks


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no we don't take any classes with the med students. The hospital, nursing school, vet school and business school are all within a few blocks of the dental school. There is a graduate student organization that plans events that allow people in different programs to interact. We had a boat cruise on the Delaware River this past semester. See you at orientation!
Hi sanara,

I think P-Dental is a really cool place to associate but I'm a new comer to Dental school so what is your advice or anyone's advice on dental school love hook-ups?