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Nov 4, 2015
Hellos!! I'm taking a Career Planning course this semester, and one of my assignments is to interview someone in the field I want to go into. Any answers would be appreciated, and the more I think about going into the medical field the more excited I get. I know it'll be a long road, but I'm really looking forward to it. : ) I'm also curious to anyone's answers to my questions. I know everyone has different experiences, and I want to absorb everything and see what it all entails.

To anyone bored that would like to answer questions, these are them.

1) What made you want to get into medicine, and what age were you??

2) What is/was medical school like for you??

3) What is/was residency like??

4) Did you ever have times you had second thoughts about what you were going to do professionally??

5) Do you or anyone you know have depression or bipolar disorder, and did it make it harder to get through medical school for yourself/themselves??

6) What would you say is the hardest part of your job??

7) In your opinion, did you find the MCAT's hard when you took the test or do you think college classes you had taken helped you out before you took them??

8) I've read that in medical school, there are rotations like pediatrics, internal medicine, psychiatry. So what made you choose your field??

9) What was your first surgery/first time dealing with patients like??

10) For those that have to continue taking classes after residency, what kind of classes are they?? Do you find them useful??

11) Doing what you do everyday, are you happy??

12) Any advice for a future med student?? : )

13) Any single parents on this road?? How do you juggle what you're doing??

+hands a penny in advance+
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