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Mar 6, 2018
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So ultimately, I am a first year PharmD student at a good school wanting to apply to medical school. I have long considered medical school but thought I would be satisfied with what the PharmD degree has to offer and didn't think I had what it takes to do well in Med school. Ultimately, I don't think I will be satisfied with this degree because I just won't have the scope of practice as a PharmD that I would as an MD. I have a BA in Biology GPA- 3.7, one summer research experience, 500+ hours working on an ambulance (80 hours as an EMT), 300 hours as a medical scribe, some honor societies, secretary for the american chemical society at my previous school, and some (<100) non-healthcare volunteer hours (my hours on the ambulance are technically volunteer). I know I have to take my MCAT, but what are the odds of me getting into schools if I score well? What should I do now to improve my odds and how would my application be viewed as a student in Pharmacy school? Is it possible? Will taking the MCAT in January hurt my chances if I plan to apply in June?

TLDR: Pharmacy student wanting to apply to medical school, what are odds with a 3.7 GPA and extra-curriculars?

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Where is your state of residence ? If your MCAT is 500 or higher you will be competitive for at least 12 DO schools that I know of.