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PharmCAS App: Extracurriculars

Discussion in 'Pre-Pharmacy' started by liebht90, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. liebht90

    Jan 19, 2011
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    I've got a few questions about my extracurriculars portion on my application. I have volunteered 8 hours for a music festival that generates income for a catholic school, and 18 hours of judging regional science fairs, and I am wondering what I should exactly list at the "average weekly hours." I feel like doing a generic 8/52 or 18/52 isn't sufficient since these two things happened over just a few days.

    Also, I have about 50 hours of work with the Pre-Pharmacy Club at my school, and I have been the president for two semesters now. We are given 175 characters for a brief description in PharmCAS, and I'm not sure if I should be listing the most important things the club has done in there or not.

    I also have over 100 hours in intramural sports and I am curious if it would be better off having them all listed into one extracurricular. This actually applies to other volunteering things I have done too. I have been with a few organizations for awhile, and overtime I have done various things with them, so I guess my question is, should I try to do a general "brief" description? Sorry, I'm finding it difficult to sum up everything I've done in only 175 characters.

    Any input is greatly appreciated, and thank you in advance!
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  2. xtsukiyox

    Moderator Emeritus 7+ Year Member

    May 19, 2009
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    Pharmacy Student
    So all 18 hours were over a few days, and you did the same event for 4 years? (Keep in mind, any training, follow up calls, planning meetings, etc. all count as time you spent as part of that volunteering.)

    It makes sense to me that you would put down one entry with a 4 year span, clarify in the 175 that you worked the actual event & in what capacity, and put 18 hours per week (since all 18 hours each year happened within 1 week).

    Take my advice as a pulse-check, tho, since I'm also a first-time applicant. You may consider posting a specific "how do I track these hours in PharmCAS" question over on the PharmCAS thread if you don't get a better answer here.

    No kidding! How do you sum up a job you did for 3 years 40 hours a week & got 3 promotions at in 175 characters??? Keep in mind, you can always use part of your personal statement to touch on your experience. (I relegated what qualities I had to exhibit to my personal statement & kept the 175 character description very duties based.)

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