Jun 11, 2015
So, as I move forward with my pharmacy application, I just had a few questions about some things on Pharmcas. So I currently have a 3.81 GPA, but through pharmcas, I am pretty sure this gets converted to a 4.0. I just took my PCAT in July and scored 90th percentile. Also, I have been working at a pharmacy for a little over 2 years now (still not a certified technician though). I know these stats are pretty good, but I just had a few questions on the "Extracurricular" section for Pharmcas.
  • I don't have much volunteer experience at all. If I only had 3-4 volunteer/leadership/shadowing activities on Pharmcas, would that look bad on my application? I do not know what the average amount of activities people put in the extracurricular section, so if somebody could answer that I'd appreciate it!
  • Also, would I list job shadowing at a pharmacy under the extracurricular section?
  • Am I sending out my application late? I have almost everything finished I just have to edit my personal statement and finish up the extracurricular section on pharmcas.
Jul 17, 2011
Although I have no clue what the average amount of activities people put in extracurricular I had 7. Most of them were honor societies as only two of the seven were clubs.
Where to list pharmacy job shadowing- Honestly I have no idea. I would think it would be under work related experience if you can put no pay on it. I can't remember if they ask if its "volunteer" or paid. Again I am not too sure on this. I have shadowed at a pharmacy but only for 8-10 hours and didn't bother putting it on since I work in retail.
Technically you are in the early part of the cycle but I wouldn't delay too much since it's rolling admissions and they aren't kidding about trying to fill spots early in the cycle. I turned in my app at the end of July, verified 8/06 (?) and already getting interviews. Your stats beat mine as well! I have a 3.67c/3.53s gpa and 89 composite. Good luck this cycle!
May 26, 2015
According to PharmCAS (I had this question as well), you can enter your shadowing experience under "work experience." The PharmCAS FAQ supports this: "Enter any paid or volunteer work experience."