Please assuage my absurd fears over a minuscule detail of my secondary apps

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May 25, 2017
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OK so, I finished most of my secondaries and I had one of those thoughts. So... IDK if you've ever heard of this but I went to one of the UCs for undergrad and they have a thing where they admit some students through a program where you do your first semester of college technically in the extension school and then transfer to the main university for the rest of your 4 years. Technically it's a different school even though they share a campus and I submitted an extra transcript from it for AMCAS.

I realized that for a lot of the schools that asked me to recapitulate my educational history, I just said I went to my UC for undergrad and then went to my grad school for grad school without mentioning the extension school. It's hard to think of it as a separate educational experience when it was literally on the same campus as the main university and led to the same degree.

Will I be crucified for my omission like those poor slave children on Khaleesi's route to Meereen in the hit TV show A Game of Thrones airing now on HBO? Sorry what I mean is, could this potentially be an issue to adcoms?
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