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Feb 24, 2005
Hey everyone!

I need some advice. At Nova, if you become accepted, on their website, they said to send your final, official transcript within 90 days of matriculation. But on the Pharmcas website, they said that you have to "successfully complete ALL course prerequisites by the end of the Summer 2005 term." Which is right? I tried calling Nova twice at varying times to see if they would give me the same answer, but of course two different people gave me two different answers.

I am working full time, but have 2 prereqs to complete for Nova. At my school, I have to option to take independent study (study at home, take exams at school) in Macroeconomics and Human Physiology. I'm absolutely sure I can complete the courses by June, but definately not by early May. What should I expect to happen?

Thanks a lot for your help!