1. H

    Advice for Acing Organic Chemistry

    Hello! I'm a premed student and in Fall 2020 I'll be taking organic chemistry 1. And yes, I know I have some time before the Fall. However, at my university General chem 1 and 2 is combined into 1 course done in one semester, making it more rigorous. I got a C in it, and yes I'm aware I can use...
  2. H

    C in General Chemistry this semester, should I do Credit/No Credit? [MD]

    This semester, I got a C in Chemistry... specifically, I attend the university of Miami, here the chemistry department is different, in which instead of having general chemistry 1 and then general chemistry 2, they have eternal chemistry all in 1 semester. It's really tough, and there's no...
  3. a_zed24

    Beta-lactamase inhibitors

    Hello, there! Sorry if this is not the right place to ask this, but our Prof. was explaining the Beta-lactamase inhibitors and he mentioned the following: -Clavulanic acid -Sulbactam -Tazobactam -Avibactam -Vaboractam -Relebactam And then he said that the last three are structurally different...
  4. predentgurl10

    Failed 2 tests in Physics and Chem out of 4

    I’m in a really tough dilemma right now and need some advice. I’m taking Chemistry 1 and Physics 1 for the first time and had no idea what I was signing up for, excluding the fact that I’ve always had the negative assumption engrained in my mind that I’m horrible at math. I just never really put...
  5. DoctoOcto

    Gen Chem II - Easy Prof/"Less" Learning vs. Harder Prof/"More" Learning

    I'm about to sign up for gen chem 2 for life scientists for Winter 2020, and I'm stuck between 2 choices. There's 2 sections, and one of the professors (Prof A) is the one I have Gen Chem I with currently. His exams are easy and straightforward, but he seems to skip over some things that other...
  6. A

    Is Despising General Chemistry A Good Reason To Quit Pre-Med?

    Howdy!! To sum up my situation, I want to briefly mention that for a long time I have had a lot of motivation towards being a doctor and pursuing medical school. During high school, I was a huge math nerd and was never huge into the physical sciences, but for a while since my senior year, I...
  7. jg2021

    need some biochem study tips

    So I am in biochemistry right now and have my first exam in two days. A lot of the material is built off of prior orgo and gen chem knowledge, as this first exam is on amino acids, functional groups, pka curves, and hemoglobin/myoglobin saturation curves, however I just bombed my second quiz on...
  8. G

    Getting through the MCAT with no calculator

    Hey guys so im studying for the MCAT, but I just found out that we can't use a calculator and honestly I'm lost on how im supposed to answer, for example, physics-related questions with no calculator. Does anyone have any tips on how they got around that
  9. C


    I will be presenting and am currently in the process of making my poster. I was wondering if there was a specific template to follow? I feel like I've been trying to find one but can't. Really don't want to use my school' template xD Wondering if you guys had a link? Thank you so much!
  10. C

    AAMC CARS volume 1?

    Hello, I recently purchased CARS volume 1. I've been doing Princeton Review passages (form the new book). The strategies are meh, but I'm mainly using it for practice. I just purchased CARS volume 1 and am looking to do that. I've been doing well on the Princeton passages (missing at the most 2...
  11. I

    Take Honors Orgo to get in HMS

    My profile: Cornell Engineering (rising junior in Fall 2019) Current GPA: 3.956. sGPA: 3.888. I took the normal Gen CHEM 2080 and was planning to take the normal Orgo I (CHEM 3570) next semester. But now that I have included HMS in my goals, I wonder if I should take the honors Orgo I & II...
  12. C

    Snacks while studying?

    Just curious what all of you eat while studying? Adcoms members are welcome to reply as to what they used to eat? Personally, I go to my local Starbucks but if not, I’ll usually have a cliff bar or some type of protein bar, with water (or soda) and maybe some candy
  13. meowhello

    Is Chemistry and Physics harder than Biology? How can I prepare?

    I completed my Freshman year with all A's in my Biology courses: Intro to Biology, Anatomy & Physiology 1/2 and Microbiology so I'm thinking about skipping the introduction classes to Chem and Physics and jump right in to Gen Chem and Phys 1 Sophomore year (this fall).
  14. C

    Best Graduate programs for med school?

    As it says in the title, just wondering which ones y'all would recommend? I graduate in a year with around a 3.5/3.6ish GPA. I have the clinical experience, research, etc. I'm obviously taking a gap year so I'll be applying after I graduate but was wondering what graduate degree y'all would...
  15. C

    The med school experience?

    Hey all, I know everyone knows about the college experience. But does that exist in medical school too? I stayed at home for college, haven't really dated much in college (at all actually) and always figured I'd do it once I get into an MD or DO program. I know there is a certain period of...
  16. C

    Keep making silly errors on exams!

    Hello everyone. What do you guys do about dumb mistakes on exams? Like I misread or some nonsense. I went over an exam and I literally CHANGED MY ANSWER TO THE WRONG ONE. I don’t know how to STOP this How am I going to do well in med school when I can’t stop making silly errors on exams? How...
  17. C

    Is this a downwards trend? Do I need a postbacc?

    Post bacc looks low because the generator assumes your GPA is a 0.0 if you did not pursue a post bacc. I’m still in undergrad. Also, the AO GPA for my senior year is low Bc my senior year will be all science classes. Thanks.
  18. C

    Those without text Anxiety...

    Those of you that don’t stress or freak out over grades, when you open up the email and see a less than stellar grade, how do you react?
  19. C

    Honest Advice: Should I give up on med school

    So I posted something like this last December and nobody really gave me a clear cut answer. Not sure what to do. cGPA is around a 3.4, same goes for sGPA or maybe a bit lower. Last semester, I got a D in Biochem. Got A's in everything else, this semester, didnt retake Biochem but got A's in...
  20. C

    PA vs MD/DO

    So, I know there are threads about this, but I'd like some advice from people around here. I'm not the best standardized test taker. Got an 1800/2400 on the SAT etc. I really want to go into medicine. I enjoy the field, etc. I love science. I just have really bad anxiety. Like, waiting for...
  21. C

    Competitive for DO?

    I know the DO averages range with GPA as well as MCAT. How can I ensure I’ll be competitive? I’m trying to find a DO physician to shadow
  22. C

    Overcoming setbacks?

    How do y’all overcome setbacks? Two years ago I took Orgo for the first time. In six weeks over the summer. Didn’t do well. Had to withdraw :( retook in the fall for a C. Pulled a C in Orgo II as well. Went through a bad semester. Really disappointed and frustrated with my grades. Really mad...
  23. A

    Grade forgiveness effects?

    Hi I didn't take highschool chem and wound up with a D in Chem 1. I'm doing grade forgiveness, which will save my gpa from being affected. However, Im pretty sure the D will stay on my transcripts. How do vet schools factor this in? Do they calculate what my gpa would be with the D in there?
  24. C

    SAT - MCAT?

    Just curious. High MCAT scorers, what were your SAT scores? I got a 1650 and an 1800 out of 2400. So not terrible but not great. Wondering if it’s possible for me to get a good MCAT score? Like I know it’s possible but do I have natural limitations I should be aware of? Please let me know...
  25. C

    What am I missing in ECs?

    Research: tons of Orgo research. honors thesis. (maybe a pub...), presenting at an national conference soon clinical: medical assistant clinical research (I know many of you say this isn't clinical experience but I talked to an ADCOM on here and was told that what I'm doing in...
  26. A

    Where do I go from a bad semester?

    Hi, I'm a Sophomore. This semester I started off taking Calc 1, Chem 1, and Bio 2 with labs. I ended up withdrawing from Calc. Over half the class failed the first exam and it was just a mess. I thought could manage through Chem 1 without hs / intro to Chem. This was a big mistake, and I'm going...
  27. C

    Are these good LORS?

    So for most schools I've seen, they require a minimum of TWO science faculty letters and one nonscience letter. I'll be getting a committee letter (applying next year) LETTERS: Orgo professor (doing research and a thesis with him. May lead to publication... only thing is, got a C in his...
  28. P

    Doubting myself

    Hello all! I am currently taking some post bacc courses as I have a degree in anthropology and a second one in primate behavior and ecology. I specifically chose to go that route to avoid STEM classes, but now becoming a physician developed into a burning passion, I realized I made some...
  29. C

    Auditing a class XC on transcript?

    How does this work? I want to audit a class in the summer because I need to refresh the material. Professor said I can, and advisor said an XC will show up on my transcript. Does it affect GPA? Look bad?
  30. C

    Presenting at ACS?

    Hello. I was wondering if anyone had presented at ACS? How is it? How is the presentation? Mine will most likely be a poster... How did y'all list this on your application? TYI! Super excited to be presenting my research!
  31. C

    Content Review for Psych/Sociology

    Hello everyone! I have began serious MCAT prep and plan to take the exam as soon as I feel confident. I am having lots of trouble on the Psych/Sociology portion. I took these classes but although I found them easy, I never really retained the information Anyone know a good book for thorough...
  32. C

    LOR from a professor you got a C with?

    Does it look weird to do this? What if the professor knows you and you worked with him on projects?
  33. C


    I ordered Princeton Reviews "3rd edition" but the Bio and CARS books are "2nd edition" WTF!! What does that mean?! Did Amazon mess up?! Do I need to return them to get the 3rd edition?? (I know it prob doesn't make a difference but I'd like to get what I Paid for)! please help TIA
  34. C

    What do you look for in research?

    A question to you all, when applying to medical school with research under your belt, what is the most common thing for an applicant to have? Naturally I assume it is at least a semester's worth of commitment, however, what is suppose to come out of that commitment? I believe publications are...
  35. C

    Will adcoms view this negatively?

    I'm taking 12 credits at my four year institution, but my school won't let me take some 2000 level courses that I want to take (science courses) So, I'm taking them at a local CC. I can't take the upper division electives of these courses at my four year institution, and need this so I don't...
  36. C

    EXAMKrackers or Kaplan or Princeton Review?

    Ordering a full box set. Shelling out over $100.00 Ideally would only have to buy one. Leaning towards Princeton but... TIA
  37. C

    Which class to take?

    Wondering which class to take between these two. Upper division Neuro course (good professor, however only two exams make up the grade. Not the best test taker, but an easy course) Biochem II (good professor, four exams (less weight on each exam), but would prob need a bit more study time...
  38. C

    Is this OK?

    Working on having a back up plan B. In order to do this I need to take some science courses. However, my alma Mater institution won’t let me take them because they are “2000” level courses and I’m already deep into my undergrad degree. I want to take them at a local CC but is that OK? I...
  39. C

    Did Poorly AGAIN switching to another career. Advice?

    Hello everyone. Some of you know me on here but I’m in my Junior year (first semester) and did terribly this semester. Was kind of already on a path to “reinvention” but alas it didn’t work out. Needed an upwards trend but it’s crushed now. Biochem I: didn’t do well on the final. Likely...
  40. C

    How to effectively know you've done good research?

    For those of you that have had interviews, I assume you've had some research experience? What kind of stuff should you be able to directly articulate and elaborate on, to show that your research experience wasn't just sitting around doing nothing? I've been doing research for the better part...