1. Jisu Oh

    Portage Learning General Chemistry I (Chem 103)

    I've started my journey for fulfilling Pharmacy pre-requisites with Portage Learning. I've asked the pharmacy schools that I am interested in attending about portage learning and they accept to credits! So far, portage learning is the most cost effective option I found regarding online...
  2. H

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Accepted to USciences, MCPHS, Hofstra. Which one to choose?

    Hi guys, I've been accepted to USciences, MCPHS in Worcester, and Hofstra University for their MOT programs. I'm trying to decide which one to go to. Does anyone on here have any experiences with any of these schools they'd like to share? I am comparing my options and looking at pass rates...
  3. T

    Current Student Opinions? PCO vs MCPHS

    Hello everyone! I was accepted into both PCO and MCPHS this past week. They are both my top choices for optometry schools and I know they both have pros and cons. I wanted to reach out to any current students to get their opinions on these two schools (school life, personal life, likes...
  4. H

    How Long Did It Take For Them To Reply To Your Application?

    I submitted my application for Fall 2021. It was verified by PharmCas two days ago. I was just wondering if any students who have applied there could tell me how long it took for them to reach out to you afterwards. Thank you!
  5. T

    Thoughts on PCO, MCPHS, & Midwestern (CCO)?

    Hello everyone! I've been looking through this forum and noticed that there are no interview feedback pages for MCPHS and Midwestern (CCO). I was wondering what everyone's thoughts are on SALUS/PCO, MCPHS, & Midwestern (CCO). Do you think NBEO pass rates should be a the largest factor in...
  6. R


    Hello, everyone! I just had my interview this past Tues (6/9/2020) and I feel as though I killed the interview! The essay prompt did throw me off a little but not too bad. I'm getting a little anxious about it lol. Just wondering, has anyone else heard back from admissions or gotten accepted? I...
  7. LindaAccepted

    Medical Real-Life Tips from a New PA

    Learn how real students navigate their way through the graduate school admissions process and grad school itself with our What is Graduate School Really Like? series. Meet Sarah, a new PA Sarah, thank you for sharing your story with us! Congratulations on recently becoming a PA! Where did you...
  8. 2ndchanceopto

    MCPHS? Pros vs Cons?

    I just wanted to hear everyones opinions about MCPHS optometry. (especially current students!)
  9. F

    MCPHS Worcester Pharmacy Class of 2022

    For any one who has had interviews or will having be, please keep me updated!
  10. O

    MCPHS Optometry Interview?

    Hey guys! I got off the waitlist at MCPHS and have an interview in a few weeks. I was wondering if anyone could describe their experience or provide any helpful tips! Thanks so much and good luck with everything!
  11. cooperscastle

    Advice: should I send an email about the waitlist?

    Hi guys! So I'm on the waitlist for MCPHS and apparently, they don't have "spots/numbers" on their waitlist. They just review everyone who is on the waitlist when a spot opens up. I would have to move from CA to Massachusetts and my lease ends in May. I've sent them a couple follow-up emails...
  12. O

    5 acceptances and torn between 2 schools

    At this point I really like all of the schools I was accepted to and decided to narrow it down to NSUOCO in Oklahoma which only accepts roughly 28 students and ICO which has the largest (around 150). ANY opinions or help from current students or anyone applying from any of those schools would be...
  13. cooperscastle

    MCPHS - who is accepting/denying/waitlisted?

    Hi, I'm currently waitlisted at MCPHS and I'm curious who is denying their spots? Just trying to get a good idea of my chances. Also, if anyone would like to share if they're waitlisted/accepted that would be awesome. I'm feeling pretty stressed about the process right now and would appreciate...
  14. J

    Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (Worchester) - Interview Invite

    Hello Everyone, Has anyone been invited and/or accepted for the pharmacy program at MCPHS? I am currently on the waitlist to interview. Anyone been in this situation before? Thanks!
  15. T

    What are my chances of getting into St. John’s University PharmD program?

    Hi, I’m currently a senior in high school interested in six year pharmacy programs. I don’t have pretty stellar grades as I have a 3.67 weighted GPA as well as a 1290/1600 combined SAT score. I recently got accepted into MCPHS (Boston) with a total of $78,000 in scholarship as well as into ACPHS...
  16. oral_surgery_life


    Hi, I am a freshman (Biomedical engineering-WPI) who intends to transfer to MCPHS-Boston to attend the Dental Hygiene BS (pre-dental) program. This is because I found out the school seems to provide clinical experience, located at Boston (closer to my acquaintances) and the tuition fee is...
  17. D

    Opt School Chances of Acceptance

    Hey guys, so I'm a little concerned with my chances of getting into an optometry school (specifically MCPHS). I'm a junior and I am going to graduate Fall 2019 with hopefully a 3.0 or 2.9. I'm a neuroscience major with a minor in Education at a good/competitive state university (hence my sad...
  18. Z

    0-6 Pharmacy program chances

    In the fall, I am planning on applying for 0-6 programs at: MCPHS USP I have a 3.3 gpa (Weighted/ Unweighted about the same). It is that low because in my sophomore year, my uncle passed away and I got a 2.7, but my freshman and junior years I got 3.5 and 3.7 respectively. I also have a 1400 on...
  19. T

    MCPHS Interview

    Hey guys, I was offered an interview from the MCPHS DPT program and will be going this Wednesday, March 1. I was so happy when I got the email but now after reading some things online about grad school interviews I have been getting increasingly nervous for it. If anyone on here has gone on...
  20. O

    Program-Specific Info / Q's MCPHS (New Hampshire Campus) OT Program

    I was recently accepted into MCPHS Occupational Therapy Program for the New Hampshire campus and being that it's fairly new I wanted to hear some thoughts on the program. Any previous, current or future students have any input? How are the professors and how helpful are they? Do they have good...
  21. ScarletGray

    MCPHS Worcester DPT 2016-2017

    I was just wondering on who else is going to the interview for MCPHS Worcester on 11/9? And if anyone is aware of the interview process there, can you shed some like on what it was like? How did the program seem to you? Its a long drive for me and I am curious on what to expect on the...
  22. N

    MCPHS Worcester/Manchester - Any Class Old & New

    Hello, Many of the previous threads have dropped off. Just wanted to hear some opinions, tips, and perspectives from MCPHS worcester/manchester students. I'm sure others are looking as well. Thanks!!!!
  23. N

    South university pharmacy vs mcphs worcester

    Hi, if someone could help me out please. I got accepted to MCPHS Worcester and south university pharmacy school in savannah, georgia. they are both 3 year programs but south is on a quarterly system. the cost of attending would be roughly the same for both schools but MCPHS offered me 7000...
  24. B

    Chances of getting into 0-6 pharmacy school?

    Hey guys I'm a junior in high school and I'm looking into getting into a 0-6 program. This is what I've been participating in in high school and etc. : my unweighted GPA is a 3.7-3.8/4.0 I'm in cultural clubs, amnesty club org, sports club, volunteer club, newspaper, and did track and field for...
  25. Y

    MCPHS-worcester interview

  26. M

    MCPHS C/O of 2020

    Has anyone been accepted to MCPHS and decided to attend? I was accepted late November and have been trying to see if there was a facebook group made for c/o 2020 but haven't seen one yet.
  27. B

    MCPHS - Boston

    Hi, I'm just wondering did anybody here interview or apply at MCPHS Worcester campus this year yet? and How did it go? Thanks
  28. M

    MCPHS Postbaccalaureate PharmD

    Does anyone has information about MCPHS Postbaccalaureate PharmD program? I'm thinking about applying, but I cant find that much information about it. Its the cheapest and the fastest out of all the online programs out there. I would like to know how good of a program it is? How many hours a...