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Sep 25, 2017
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Hey all,

I finished Orgo 2 the first time with a D during Spring, had summer break, and have retaken Orgo 2 this Fall. The semester is almost over and I'm concerned I may get a C-. I have an overall 3.55 gpa and 3.4 sgpa. I got a B in Orgo and the only other blemishes on my transcript are 2 C+'s in Gen.Chem-- the rest are A's and B's. I'm currently a senior in Neuro and English and will graduate in one year. I could list a number of excuses of what happened this semester, but they are besides the point, and I've already given myself numerous verbal self-lashings about the scenario, so I'm not here for a "reality-check" or sympathy about the situation.

My question regards the likelihood of being admitted to an MD/DO school facing 3 retakes (if the third were to happen)?

I understand it's not going to look favorable, I just want to know how unfavorable it will look and how much remediation will need to be done. No matter how terrible this current situation is, I'm set on improving my current standing and going to medical school, so I will do whatever it takes.



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Honestly a solid MCAT can remedy some of the O Chem woe. Is that your only C/D grade?
So you have shown no ability to succeed in chemistry courses, do you plan on taking biochemistry?

Have you started MCAT prep?
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So you have shown no ability to succeed in chemistry courses, do you plan on taking biochemistry?

Have you started MCAT prep?

I disagree with you. I've made a B in Orgo 1, not the best grade mind you, but I have shown the "ability" to succeed. Also, I'm not sure how your comment on my "ability" is relative to the question I asked.

Yes, I plan on taking Biochemistry.

I plan on studying for the MCAT this January and will take the MCAT in the late summer after completing my Biochemistry course.
Have you spoken to your professor yet? Have you tried tutoring at your college? The semester isn't over yet!
I have done tutoring over the break and improved my most recent test score, but drew a blank on one of the four mechanisms, causing me to get a D on the test.

I've not spoken to my professor because I assume I'd hear what I already know in terms of grading, but she said she would replace our acs grade with our overall if the score was higher than our average so I'm just studying the acs until test date.
Never hurts to speak to your professor. In semesters where I went to the professors and asked for help, I noticed on my final grade transcript that they bumped me up half a letter grade (B to B+, A- to A, etc.)
Good idea. I'll stop by office hours the day before the final with questions and voice my concern about my grade--couldn't hurt as you mentioned. Thanks!
Noooooo do not wait for the day before the final!!!! Go now. It will be looked at in a negative light if you wait that long!!!!!
Haha, I completely get your point and would go earlier if I could, but finals are upcoming Wednesday and her only allocated office hours are tomorrow morning (hence, my hesitation seeing her for the point you just brought up).

Still a good idea? I plan on asking questions more about questions in the ACS and mention my concern about my grade, but I also don't want to be dramatic about it. I imagine it's very obnoxious as a professor to hear a student bring up concerns during the last part of the semester. I will make sure I use office hours with a certain "tact" haha.