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do acceptance thread

  1. Q

    NSU KPCOM Vs Rowan SOM

    Hi, NJ Resident with several DO acceptances, wanted help choosing between NSU and Rowan. I want to leave NJ, but still am unsure which school is more competitive/has better residency matches/board scores/opportunities- disregarding cost of attendance (because I've realized med school is...
  2. M

    Help me decide: GA-PCOM vs. KYCOM!

    Hi all, So far in this cycle, I've been lucky enough to get accepted into 3 schools (GA-PCOM, KYCOM and LMU-DCOM). For some reasons, I already declined the acceptance from DCOM. So now, I have 1 more week to decide bw GA-PCOM and KYCOM. Here are several pros and cons of each school based on my...
  3. Dr.Narcos

    VCOM-Auburn or WVSOM or MU-COM

    So Iv been accepted to all three schools. My deposits are due in a few days. Just want to see peoples opinions. What does the SDN say
  4. T

    Navy reserves then MD

    Good afternoon everybody! My name is Ivan I am a senior graduating from University of Central Florida this December with a biomedical science degree my goal is to become a MD/DO. I wanted to ask for your opinions; I am planning after graduation joining the Navy reserves or Air Force, and while...
  5. B

    School List.

    Thought Id ask for some opinions on my current school list and stats. Currently have my application verified through AACOMAS, My Undergrad GPA: 3.6, Undergrad Science GPA: 3.3 and Postbac GPA: 4.0. I am URM and currently reside in Arizona. Have 800+ hours of clinical experience through my...
  6. M

    Touro COM Middletown vs NYIT COM

    I need help making a decision by tomorrow. Would love if anyone can give their experience in both!
  7. P

    Chances at DO Program?

    Currently considering applying to osteopathic programs, I am a hispanic male from arizona, bilingual. I have an undergraduate gpa of 3.2 and am currently enrolled in a respiratory therapy program with a 4.0. My mcat score is a 504, I have strong letters of recommendation from a MD, DO, Program...
  8. B

    Is it too late?

    Ive noticed that many individuals have already submitted their applications, I was planning to take my mcat in September and receive my scores late that month or early October. Would it be too late to submit my applications at that time?
  9. B

    What are my Chances?

    I know this is a very popular question but I am dying to know the possibility of pursing my dream as a physician. A little background information about myself, I graduated with a undergrad degree in biomedical sciences with a GPA of 3.3, I am currently enrolled in a Respiratory program with a...
  10. B

    OU-HCOM-Athens vs. VCOM-VA

    Hi Everyone, I got accepted to VCOM-VA campus for the upcoming Fall 2018 a few months ago. I moved forward with my application, but I recently got accepted to OU-HCOM. I loved both the schools, but OU-HCOM was my first choice. However, I am an OOS student and was required to sign an OOS...
  11. G

    Should I switch to pharmacy?

    Hey first timer here. Currently a junior (second semester) was planning to take the mcat in may and apply(DO) after I get my scores back. Current GPA: 3.07 cum 2.75 sGPA Experience: shadowed MD for 2 years Shadowing 2 DO's in a couple of med clubs Research at a hospital for a semester Now, I'm...
  12. BigLadyBugBelly

    Possibly Retaking Orgo 2 Twice

    Hey all, I finished Orgo 2 the first time with a D during Spring, had summer break, and have retaken Orgo 2 this Fall. The semester is almost over and I'm concerned I may get a C-. I have an overall 3.55 gpa and 3.4 sgpa. I got a B in Orgo and the only other blemishes on my transcript are 2...
  13. J

    Help for deciding the next four years: NSU-COM vs. KCUMB

    Hi All, Thanks for all the input. Have been in SDN for about 5 years and first time post. I have had the honor to be accepted by multiple medical school this year. This is my third time applying and I am very glad to finally move on to the next stage. I was able to narrow down my acceptances...
  14. A

    Should I apply?

    Hello :) I am a senior graduating this December. I anticipate on taking the MCAT latest by March. Unfortunately, I goofed off a lot in college and did not take it seriously, and am at a 2.92 GPA (it should be a 3.0 by the end of this semester). I know this is a very low number and the...
  15. B

    MD & DO Realistically, what are my chances (506/3.82/low ECs)?

    My concern is my pretty subpar EC's. I graduated May 2015 with a GPA=3.82, science=3.88. I tutored for 2 years while going to school but that's about the extent of my work. Did a summer research gig between junior and senior year. Since graduating I worked as a home health aide since I was...
  16. H

    MD Started my own business, cared for family, and had 2 poor semesters all during my undergrad. Advice?

    Hey guys! Here's the gist: I did really crappy during 2 semesters of my undergrad. I want to know what my chances are getting into a med school involving this. Here's the breakdown: *Freshmen Semester 1: I attended Nursing courses; I got 2 B's, 1 C, and the rest were A's. *Freshmen Semester 2...
  17. OnedayIlloperate

    MD & DO Basic comparison documents

    I will be doing the MD one next, please private message me with source to correct something. The cost to apply to every DO School is $3,270. DO Schools: Post-Bacc/Premed programs: The cost to apply to every DPM School is $515 Podiatry Schools: Caribbean Schools:
  18. F

    Accepted to expensive MD school vs much cheaper DO school

    Hey everyone, I have received an acceptance to an out-of-state school (East Tennessee State) and also to an in-state osteopathic medical school (Campbell). I felt like I could thrive in either schools, but the biggest problem is that ETSU has an out of state tuition around 60k, whereas...
  19. M

    Help PLEASE !!!

    Hello ! I've been on my journey to med school for quite some time; and fortunately, medical schools in my area accept online pre-req. my heart is Stanford, however, I'm open to which medical school accepts me and have broaden my horizons to going after DO and not just MD. Does anyone know of any...
  20. J

    3.3 cGPA 3.1 sGPA Unknown MCAT DO odds?

    Taking my MCATs in a few months, currently almost halfway through junior year Medical Diagnostics Major with Bio minor 3.3 cGPA 3.1 sGPA Volunteering: 20 hours as waiter at little sisters of the poor nursing home 80 hours at Camp Possibilities sleep away camp for children with diabetes 100 hours...
  21. Kasper1000

    *~*~*~* Osteopathic Acceptance Thread 2016-2017 *~*~*~*

    Here's the idea: let's try something slightly different this year. Instead of only a list of usernames and acceptances, it occurred to me that a few years ago, I would have loved to see people say what they thought were their reasons they couldn't get accepted and/or shouldn't try. What did you...