Post-bac Plan - Non-trad next steps

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Jul 9, 2018
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I have a 3.4 from a top 10 University with a Public Health major. After working at a company for a while, I decided to go plan toward nursing school and spent 2 years working part-time while taking community college classes in physiology, nutrition, and some fun classes.

I volunteered at a hospital, and I have recently realized that I have much more clinical curiosity than many of my classmates and that I may be more interested in medicine. After undergrad, I don't have an upward trend with some Bs, a C in statistics, and a C in Physics 1 at a 4-year extension program, yet my gpa is around the same as undergrad (3.5)

I originally wanted to be a doctor in undergrad and had the grades for it and worked in a neuro lab for a summer (A- in organic chemistry 2 and A in gen chem), but was discouraged because I had to withdraw due to an illness and had Incomplete grades on my transcript.

I now feel refreshed and ready to finish the remaining pre-reqs. Here is my plan, but accepting all wisdom!:

I plan to take the physics series (retake physics 1), biochemistry, and organic chemistry lab 2. at Santa Monica College. I hear this is a well established CC for a post-bac, and I don't want to waste time. I hope to continue volunteering at a local hospital and work my way to leadership/paid position while taking night classes. Take the MCAT in the Summer and continue with secondaries into the Fall/Spring.

Hopefully starting medical school in Fall of 2020.

Thoughts? I know nothing about the benefits of SNP programs or official Post-bacs. Any tips or changes you would make to the plan? Any comment or critique is welcome! Thank you!


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Oct 27, 2012
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Don't retake physics a C is fine. The reasoning behind that is what if something comes up during the semester and your grades fall? You end up getting another C or worse, a D or F. That would be a huge red flag on your application. I would advise not to retake that class at all.

What I do recommend is to finish the series of physics 2 and complete the other two classes. If you were looking to boost your GPA complete upper level science courses that you haven't taken before. Anatomy, Histology, Virology, Physiology, Genetics, and so on.

Be weary, if you take the MCAT in the summer of 2019 we're talking about June/July/August. I highly advise you not to do that because you will be a late considered a late applicant. MCAT scores are given back to you in about a month, so you have to take that into consideration.

AMCAS usually opens the first week of May, meaning you can get all the necessary documents for your application. First week of June is when you can officially submit your application and thus the waiting game begins.

The earlier you are as an applicant the better, good luck!