1. E

    Non-trad post-bacc conundrum

    Howdy folks 👋 I've finally decided that it is time to do what I should have done a long time ago and commit to becoming a physician. I am still in the planning phases and have been doing a lot of research on post-bacc programs. Some background: I am a 32-year-old New Englander (and I plan to...
  2. M

    Need advice…am I doing this right?

    Hello all! It’s safe to say that I’m at a bit of a crossroads right now, and looking for some solid guidance. I’m 28yrs old, and graduated with my bachelors about five years ago. Bombed my first year of undergrad, and when I say bomb, I mean flat out failed most courses that first year. Took a...
  3. D

    Where to apply in-state

    I'm a non-trad student living in Wisconsin, which is my current state of residence. I'm from California originally and would like to move back. From looking at the regulations, I believe as long as I've moved back more than 1 year before classes start I should be fine for in-state tuition...
  4. H

    WAMC's: 514 MCAT, 3.71 post-bacc, no MD ii's, MD vs DO?

    I'm about 6 years post-bacc and decided to apply to only MD schools after receiving my 514 MCAT, which I'm now worried was a mistake. I'm a bit non-traditional and was previously pre-PA before deciding I had it in me to pursue medical school in full. cGPA 3.38 (post-bacc cGPA 3.7), cBCPM 3.36...
  5. T

    Best things you've done in your gap years? (Looking for advice)

  6. J


    Hello everyone! So I really need help in starting over or completing my pre-med undergrad degree and I'm TOTALLY lost as to where and how to start. A little about me before I let the questions pour our. So I'm a 27 year old woman, wife and mom to 3 beautiful kids (aged 6,4, and almost 2). Due...
  7. F

    Non trad applicant - MCAT resources

    Hi Everyone, Hope everyone is having a great day! I am creating a study plan for my MCATs and wanted to know your thoughts. I am looking to take the MCATs in 6 months. I am coming from a non-traditional background (Undergrad and Masters in Econ, business) and I last studied science courses in...
  8. W

    Non-trad struggling with approach to ECs:

    Brief intro: I am 28 yo (to be 30 when applying - 2023 cycle), having almost wrapped up my first semester of pre-reqs. Relevant biographical information: Took an "extended leave of absence" from my PhD in epidemiology b/c of several converging interests and working in a clinic as part of my...
  9. PsychPop

    PA or MD Path? (My situation)

    Hi guys just posting to try and get some incite from anyone willing! Quick facts about me: 22 yrs old, white ,male, Psych major undergrad. So I am currently what my shadowed family medicine doc likes to call Pre-pre-med :laugh: as I have not yet taken any pre-med courses. I am going into my...
  10. C

    List of community colleges offering pre-reqs

    I'm a non-trad student who needs basically all of the biology pre-reqs (list below). I'd like to take as many as possible at community colleges if possible to save on cost. Some classes are at most community colleges, like anatomy and physiology or intro to biology. Others are much less common...
  11. 9

    MD Non-trad: Tell me how I will do!

    I primarily would like to know if I look like a competitive applicant (at least on paper) and if there are any revisions I should make to my school list. Thank you! I guess I will use the format from the Description page: cGPA and sGPA as calculated by AMCAS cGPA is a 3.64 and sGPA is a 3.98...
  12. M

    Non-Trad Academic Letters of Recommendation Question

    Greetings, SDN. Quick question for you guys: I have two solid letters of recommendation, one from over a year-long research internship and the other from the director of a charity that I've been at for over five years. However, I just realized (my fault, I know) that I'm required to have...
  13. JowellHollyBuddy33

    ** The Offical Osteopathic Underdawgs 2018-2019 **

    Hey y’all, Do we have an underdawgs thread for 2018-2019 yet?! Non-trad here, and I’ve been ready to get on board since 2015 and my application cycle is finally HERE. You guys have been an inspiration to many. Good luck to everyone applying!
  14. sushi18

    MD 3.8 GPA / 515 MCAT / Non-Trad ORM

    Hi! I'm a non-trad who'd really appreciate SDNers' feedback on what schools I have a chance at/where to improve as I have a few years before I apply. Please note that some of these stats are anticipated. Thank you! cGPA/sGPA: 3.8/3.67 MCAT: 515 (Higher CARS / lower CPFBS) State of residence: CA...
  15. H

    Post-bac Plan - Non-trad next steps

    I have a 3.4 from a top 10 University with a Public Health major. After working at a company for a while, I decided to go plan toward nursing school and spent 2 years working part-time while taking community college classes in physiology, nutrition, and some fun classes. I volunteered at a...
  16. R

    School List help - 517 MCAT, c3.64/s3.74, non-trad + no research

  17. T

    MD Non-trad, MCAT 522, cGPA=3.53, sGPA=3.41

    Deleted for privacy! Feel free to message me if you're another non-trad/High MCAT/low GPA person looking for someone else in the same general situation.
  18. D

    Non-traditional Student Advice

    To spare you the vague cliches of why I'm choosing to go into medicine at 24 years old, I'll just simply ask for some advice. Long story short: I'm attending college online (yes, from a great, regionally accredited university) and I know prerequisites being done online is a no-no for a lot of...
  19. C

    Pre-Med Inquiry at 24 years old

    I’ve just recently started my undergrad at Arizona State University for Biological Sciences. The only concern is it’s an online degree, but the prerequisite classes that require a lab are on campus. I live in Georgia, so as an example: Organic Chemistry’s lecture portion is taught online. I’ll...
  20. B

    Non-Trad with an awful first freshman year. Am I screwed?

    Hello everyone, My first freshman year was embarrassingly awful, I was irresponsible and partied way too hard. During the second semester I decided I was going to enlist because i saw what I was becoming and needed some discipline. I enlisted, served for 5 years, and separated with an...
  21. R

    Back to school after 6 years - advice?

    I don't know if I fall into "nontraditional" yet, but I think this forum might be best suited to my question. Ive been accepted this cycle, finally, but I'm my late 20's and haven't had a class in 6 years. I applied to medical school 2 years out of undergrad and it took me 4 tries to gain entry...
  22. Z

    Non-Traditional Student Advice - Prerequisites ...What are my chances?

    Hi everyone! 26 year old nontraditional student here. Graduated from a 4 year university back in 2013 with a double major in Economics and International Business. After graduating I played professional soccer for a couple years. Unfortunately that got cut short due to injuries. I now own my own...
  23. P

    MD Career Change from Engineering.. low GPA path forward

    I'm 27 years old and am strongly considering changing careers. I am currently a chemical engineer. I am very good at my job, and could be successful, but at the end of every day I find myself wondering "why?" What's the point? Anytime I am successful it solely benefits the CEO and VPs. I am at...
  24. N

    Accepted to 1 year postbac at 31 - cold feet?

    Hi there, I've been extremely lucky enough to be accepted to a top 1-year post-bac program with linkage opportunities. For a variety of reasons, I followed a different track in life, and am currently seeing success in the business world. I'm comfortable financially and happy in my role. Though...
  25. allojay

    Non-Trad student (Ex-RN) turned M4 AMA

    Hi there fellow non-trads! With 4th year being very relaxing atm, I thought I would come back here to the thread and offer to answer any questions that you may have, regarding the whole journey from undergrad to almost graduating med school. Fire away and I'll do my best to answer your...
  26. I

    Volunteering/Shadowing Leads in DC/MD/VA

    Hi all, I'm a non-traditional applicant currently working full-time in a non-medical field. I've been having trouble finding doctor's offices or clinics in the DMV area that are open to non-student volunteers who are only available during non-business hours (anytime other than 9am-6pm on...
  27. foxsocks

    Just starting out RN to MD

    Hey guys! I'm just starting out in my quest to pursue medical school and I'm looking for advice/WAMC, hoping you all might be able to point out some things I'm overlooking or not aware that I need. Encouragement is also welcome! Let it be known that I've thought/prayed/labored/sweated long...
  28. O

    Rice Post-Bacc (Houston)

    Greetings, I am looking for feedback from students with direct experience with the Rice Class III Continuing Studies post-bacc program, particularly as a means of performing a career change to M.D. I have heard it said that '1/4 of Rice graduates attend Baylor,' yet, I have also heard it...
  29. sandraks26

    Any Calgary Non-Trads?

    Hoping to put together a supportive community that's a bit closer to home- It would be great to supplement the forum.
  30. Lucasisfluffy

    I am late to apply for everything. Need advice to return as a stronger applicant.

    Hi all, I am a non-trad graduated 7 yrs ago. My plan was to apply a few low-tier MD schools and broadly to all DO schools. I have my apps (DO and MD) ready, but I am still working on polishing my PS until the MCAT score come back next week. Why so late? cause I wanted to focus on studying...
  31. T

    Leave teaching for medicine? Would love some unbiased advice.

    This is my first time posting here, so I apologize in advance for inevitably sounding ignorant. This might turn out to be a novel-length rant, but I would greatly appreciate any unbiased input I can get from anyone who has enough time to kill reading it. I am currently teaching first grade at...
  32. P

    3.88/513/Computer Science Major

    cGPA and sGPA as calculated by AMCAS or AACOMAS cGPA = 3.88 / sGPA = 3.85 / nsGPA = 3.90 MCAT score(s) and breakdown First attempt (Jan 2017): 513 (130/126/128/129) 90th percentile State of residence or country of citizenship (if non-US) CA Ethnicity and/or race Asian Undergraduate...
  33. A

    When should i take the MCAT?

    Hi y’all Here are the stats. (reapplicant) Undergraduate: cGPA – 3.71 sGPA – 3.43 EC’s Undergrad: Research (animal behavior) -- ~1200hours Hospital volunteer -- ~90hrs Worked in student activities at honors college -- ~1400hrs List of undergrad honors and awards Graduate (SMP)...
  34. N

    Question about taking courses during gap years

    So I'll still have around 2-3 courses to take after I graduate (started pre-med coursework late). I'm aiming to take two gap years so I'd take the courses in my first gap year, take the MCAT early that spring, and apply during the second gap year. I'd really like to pursue a research position...
  35. L

    Completing application as a Non Trad

    I just finished all of my pre-reqs and have started preparing for MCAT and application. What do non-trad students put on their applications under awards and activities? As an undergrad I was in many clubs and organizations, but currently I spend most of my time adulting. How can I impress the...
  36. H

    CC pre-reqs while in MPH program

    Hey all! I just graduated (summa cum laude) with my BA in anthropology/minor in biology and will be starting an MPH program this fall. I'm still considering going to medical school in the future but didnt complete all the required pre-reqs during undergrad. What I'm wondering is if it would be...
  37. CUatthefinishline

    School List Help (Long)

  38. X

    DO vs DNP - Advice / Real Life Experiences? Career Change

    Hi everyone, I've been a longtime lurker ... finally posting. My big career leap idea started when I turned 30 (perhaps a few years before that, too) ... I had, for years, been in the business world and finally listened to that little voice in my head that said: "no, you belong in medicine!"...
  39. C

    Lesson is resilience when this physician goes back to school - AMA Wire

    For non-traditional students who feel they could use some inspiration, get to know Dr Frank Clark, MD. Dr Clark failed his first year of medical school and the USMLE Step 1 Medical Board Exam. Lesson is resilience when this physician goes back to school APR 18, 2017 AMA Wire Frank Clark, MD...
  40. E

    WAMC: Goucher, Bryn Mawr