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Apr 16, 2000
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I took the August MCAT, and in preparation took all the AAMC exams 1-6. I signed up for the online service where you can get exams 3R-6R, which I still have access to. I am now preparing to retake the MCAT in April, and I'm not sure which tests to use for practice and to gauge my progress. Should I bother re-taking the AAMC tests since I've already done them? What are some good tests I can use besides the AAMC ones to get a realistic idea of how I might perform on the real thing? Right now, I have a Kaplan full-length and am thinking about buying some EK tests to use. Any thoughts?


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Mar 13, 2003
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I used the AAMC tests again but didn't find them very useful since I recognized some passages and questions. A better thing to do (which I also did) was go over each test and make sure you know EXACTLY what you did wrong and why each right answer can be the ONLY correct choice.

Other than that, I used the EK review books and their mini-tests. I didn't use the 1001 books, so I don't know how accurate they are. The Kaplan test should be useful, especially if you never took it before. Good luck!
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