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May 4, 2017
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Hello, I am currently finishing my freshman year as a pre-med and I have not performed as well as i had hoped. I am looking to finish with a 2.7 GPA, with a C- in chemistry and a D+ in calculus, which i am planning to retake. First semester i had a b- in chem 1 and a b- in bio 1. I was not prepared for freshman year and some personal things have challenged my ability to focus, but i am willing to do anything to raise my GPA as high as I can. Is it possible to raise my GPA to a competitive number by senior year? Are there any tips on how to do this? My advisor here at my college is horrible and makes me feel inadequate, but i know that i am capable of so much more than my freshman GPA shows. Any advice would be super helpful... thanks in advance!

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Do your best in your upcoming classes! Like your very best cause GPA only gets harder to repair as you take more classes. Try to find your focus in these classes, whether it is to solve your personal issues or finding a new group of friends (academically driven ones). Other than that, don't worry about EC yet cause GPA is probably more crucial at the moment.

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You need to get pretty much straight A and A- grades from here on, so that you come out with a ~3.5, but yes it can be done