Aug 16, 2015
Medical Student
Hello everyone. I'm pre-med student, soon i will start 1st year at medical school. I'm from Macedonia and I think our studying system it's not the same as the system in other countries. In my first i will study this subjects:
1st Semester:
- Anatomy 1
- General chemistry (Organic and Non-organic)
- Cell Biology
- Introduction to medicine (I'm not sure if this is the right name)

2nd Semester:
- Anatomy 2
- Histology and Embryology 1
- Introduction to clinical training
- Human Genetics
- Medical psychology

That's all. Maybe it look weird to you because you don't study some of those subjects or maybe you study later but this is how we study in my country.

What i need from you?
No matter in which school you are/were, i just need from you to share some online material (books, textbooks, notes, pictures, lectures, powerpoint projects etc.) for this subjects:
-Anatomy 1 and 2
-Human genetics
-Histology and Embryology 1
-Cell biology
because i want to prepare myself before i start. If you have any kind of online (e- ) material, books or anything that help/helped to you, please share with me (and others).
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